Perseverance Ep 27

Episode summary: 

Feeling adrift in life’s turbulent seas? 🌊 Join Jemese in a voyage of faith and resilience, finding hope in the midst of the stormy seasons.

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“Believe again, even if it hurts. Believe again. Pick it up again. Do it again. Pray again. So what if you’ve prayed before and it didn’t seem like anything happened. Pray again, praise him again, do it again, because in due time you will receive your reward.””

Jemese LaChel Drewery, LCSW

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Navigate Through Pain and Adversity: Gain insights on how to navigate through the pain and adversity of mental health challenges, finding strength and resilience in your faith journey.
  • Find Renewed Belief and Purpose: Discover how to overcome doubt and find renewed belief and purpose, even when facing the depths of mental health struggles.
  • Experience Healing and Restoration: Learn practical steps towards healing and restoration, finding hope and light amidst the darkness of mental health challenges.

Topic Summaries:

  1. Believing Again Through Life’s Disappointments (00:58 – 11:57): Explore the journey of rediscovering belief and faith, even in the midst of life’s disappointments and challenges.
  2. Perseverance in the Face of Mental Health Struggles (11:57 – 15:01): Learn practical strategies for persevering through mental health challenges, finding strength and resilience in your faith.
  3. Embracing Hope and Restoration (15:01 – 19:06): Discover how to embrace hope and restoration in your mental health journey, finding healing and purpose through faith.
  4. Practical Steps Towards Healing (19:06 – 21:38): Gain insights into practical steps and strategies for finding healing and renewal amidst the pain and struggles of mental health challenges.
  5. Finding Strength in Faith (21:38 – 23:07): Explore the intersection of faith and mental health, and how your spiritual beliefs can serve as a source of strength and support during difficult times.
  6. Overcoming Despair Through Prayer and Praise (23:07 – 25:35): Learn how to overcome despair and darkness through the power of prayer, praise, and radical trust in God’s promises.
  7. Seeking Individualized Support (25:35 – End): Discover opportunities for individualized support and guidance through Christian counseling and mentoring, and take steps towards finding the help you need.
Every Word in 90 with Jemese LaChel

Connect with Jemese:

Jemese LaChel Drewery, LCSW, a Christian Trauma Therapist and Faith Mentor specializing in sexual trauma and biblical counseling. If you’re seeking support to improve marital hardship, PTSD, sexual problems, or negative relationship patterns, Jemese offers Spirit-filled and Spirit-led counseling and mentorship services.

Scripture Referenced

  1. Galatians 6:9
  2. Psalm 27
  3. Psalm 121
  4. Romans 5


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