Friendship with God | Ep 25

Episode summary: 

Discover the power of seeing Jesus as not just our Savior but our dear friend. Tune into this podcast episode to deepen your understanding of God’s presence and the intimacy of divine friendship. 

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“True fulfillment and transformation come when we embrace a friendship with God that goes beyond what we can comprehend.”

Jemese LaChel

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into Moses’ profound friendship with God.
  • Explore the transformative power of intimacy with God.
  • Learn about sacred communion and Christ’s righteousness.
  • Discover the significance of surrendering to God’s presence.
  • Understand the depth of Jesus as both Savior and friend.
  • Find inspiration to cultivate a deep friendship with God.

Topic Summaries:

  1. The Power of Divine Friendship”: This episode delves into the remarkable friendship between Moses and God, highlighting its transformative impact. It explores the profound connection that intimacy with God can bring, offering insights on sacred communion, Christ’s righteousness, and the act of surrendering to God’s presence. Discover how this divine friendship can lead to healing, deliverance, and a deep sense of God’s presence in your life.
  2. “Seeing Jesus as a Cherished Friend”: Beyond being our Savior, this episode focuses on viewing Jesus as a close and cherished friend. Drawing from gospel teachings, it discusses how Jesus considered His disciples as friends, not just servants, and what this revelation means for our relationship with Him. Explore the significance of acknowledging and honoring Jesus’s presence in your life.
  3. “Filling the Void: Worship and Materialism”: This segment of the episode offers a compelling reminder of the dangers of seeking fulfillment in material possessions and worldly relationships. It underscores the idea that only God can truly satisfy the void within us. Discover the essence of worship as a means of recognizing Jesus’s presence and honoring Him in your spiritual journey.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Forgive and Reconcile: As suggested in the episode, make a list of friends or individuals with whom you may have had conflicts or offense. Take intentional steps to forgive them or seek reconciliation where possible, fostering peace and healing in your relationships.
  • Guard Against Materialism: Reflect on your attachment to material possessions and worldly relationships. Assess whether they serve as substitutes for true fulfillment and make conscious choices to prioritize your relationship with God.
  • Practice Communion: Incorporate daily moments of prayer, meditation, and reflection into your routine to nurture a closer connection with the Holy Spirit.
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Connect with Jemese:

Jemese LaChel Drewery, LCSW, a Christian Trauma Therapist and Faith Mentor specializing in sexual trauma and biblical counseling. If you’re seeking support to improve marital hardship, PTSD, sexual problems, or negative relationship patterns, Jemese offers Spirit-filled and Spirit-led counseling and mentorship services.

Scripture Referenced

Exodus 33:7-11


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