Tag: restoration

  • Conquering Through Christ: How to Win in Spiritual Warfare | Ep 30

    Feeling under constant spiritual attack? Need encouragement in your spiritual warfare? In this empowering episode, Jemese guides listeners towards victory in Christ, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to stand firm against the enemy's fiery darts in the powerful name of Jesus.

  • Perseverance | Ep 28

    Feeling adrift in life's turbulent seas? 🌊 Join Jemese in a voyage of faith and resilience, finding hope in the midst of the stormy seasons.

  • Grief and Loss | Ep 26

    Are you navigating the complexities of mourning? Our newest podcast episode offers a blend of Christian empathy and psychological insight to aid your path to recovery.

  • Friendship with God | Ep 25

    Discover the power of seeing Jesus as not just our Savior but our dear friend. Tune into this podcast episode to deepen your understanding of God's presence and the intimacy of divine friendship.

  • How to Turn Towards God and Break Free From Sinful Cycles| Ep 23

    Have you heard these myths? God can't help you with that. You'll never be able to break free from that sin. As a Christian struggling with toxic cycles, these myths can feel like truth. But I'm here to share the truth with you - you can break free from the sin patterns and toxic cycles through the gift of repentance and turning towards God. It's not always easy, but it is absolutely possible. The key is to let go of these myths and trust in the God's grace, love and forgiveness. Are you ready to discover the truth and achieve freedom and healing?