• The Light in her Room: A Catholic’s Radical Encounter with the Light of God’s Presence (with author Idell Koury) | Ep 32

    Idell Koury shares her radical testimony of transforming from practicing ritualistic Catholicism to an authentic born-again relationship with Jesus Christ. Despite a traumatic childhood marked by neglect and her mother's past abuse, Idell experienced God's redemptive power through divine interventions—a bright light filling her room as she sought Him, her atheist father's deathbed conversion, and her mother's healing after confessing her pain. Idell's story exemplifies how pursuing an authentic relationship with Jesus can lead to profound spiritual renewal and restore even the deepest brokenness.

  • Navigating Anger after Trauma with Rev. Lenita Reeves | Ep 31

    How do we find healing after unimaginable pain? Join Reverend Lenita Reeves as she shares her journey from childhood struggles and a traumatic date rape to finding healing through faith. Discover how she overcame parental divorce and societal pressures, delving into survivor anger and the transformative power of deep emotional processing. Drawing from biblical narratives like Joseph's story, Lenita illuminates the power of forgiveness and the Holy Spirit in healing. Her insights offer hope, urging listeners to discern God's purpose in their pain, break free from shame, and embrace their unique destiny. Don't miss this inspiring conversation and heartfelt prayer.

  • Conquering Through Christ: How to Win in Spiritual Warfare | Ep 30

    Feeling under constant spiritual attack? Need encouragement in your spiritual warfare? In this empowering episode, Jemese guides listeners towards victory in Christ, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to stand firm against the enemy's fiery darts in the powerful name of Jesus.

  • Demonic Oppression No More: Nichole Henson’s Journey | Ep 29

    Have you ever stood at the crossroads of despair and hope, where your faith was the only light piercing through the darkness? Our brave guest, Nicole Henson, has walked this precarious path and emerges to tell the tale of her transformation. From the heart-wrenching depths of childhood abuse and demonic torment to the liberating embrace of Jesus Christ, Nicole's story is a beacon for anyone navigating the murky waters of spiritual warfare and mental health challenges. Together, we explore the delicate balance of recognizing psychological struggles and unseen battles, emphasizing the crucial role of spiritual insight on the journey to healing.

  • Perseverance | Ep 28

    Feeling adrift in life's turbulent seas? 🌊 Join Jemese in a voyage of faith and resilience, finding hope in the midst of the stormy seasons.