• A Love Story with Jesus: Dani Kay | Ep 17

    After miraculously surviving a near-death experience as an infant, Dani began a lifestyle of searching. Her journey of finding identity and healing leads to a heart-wrenching confrontation with the lies of the enemy and redemption found only in Jesus Christ.

  • Feed Your Soul: An Every Word in 90 Day Reading Plan | Ep 16

    Discover this fresh opportunity consume Every Word in 90 days. Come feed your soul on God's Word in this free, small group reading plan and experience transformation in the New Year!

  • From Binge Drinking to Breakthrough with guest Chrystal Cuellar | Ep 15

    Has alcohol ever had a negative impact on your life?  Ever struggled in the "party girl" phase, or wondered how to find purpose?  Hear from guest Chrystal Cuellar, a Christian life coach, who helps women navigate their alcohol free journey while building a strong foundation in Christ.  She shares her faith story of how she met Jesus, locked arms with God, and became a new creation living totally transformed & free from the bondage of alcohol (and how you can get free too).

  • The Gift of Rest | Ep 14

    Be reminded of the gift of rest that is available to you through Jesus Christ and receive encouragement to accept it.

  • God Who Helps: How One Immigrant Found Freedom in Jesus and Her Pen with guest Debra Ayis | Ep 13

    Author Debra Ayis shares her journey of faith and how she came to know Jesus Christ as the God Who Helps. Debra speaks candidly about her experience as an immigrant; working in an abusive work environment; and how the Holy Spirit led her to use the gift of writing as a tool for personal development, hope, and healing.