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  • New age spirituality: what is it and why is it dangerous? | Ep 08

    Have you had this thought? "How can a little guided meditation, tarot card reading, or law of attraction work be bad?" Truth is, the seemingly benevolent practices found in the New Age and occult world are incredibly wrought with darkness. And engaging in these practices even one time can open doors to demons. What you thought was 'love and light' is actually taking you far from God. If you're ready to find truth this one is for you!

  • From New Age to Jesus: The Truth about Identity with guest Kathy Dwulit | Ep 07

    Have you ever found yourself thinking: “Who am I?” Do you really know your true identity and what your purpose for being here in this world is. For Kathy Dwulit, these questions culminated in one painful moment when realized she had been lied to about her identity. Listen as she shares how trying to “find her truth” or identity in wordly practices, actually just led her down a dark path of promiscuity, new age spirituality, sensual healing practices, and more. Until one ordinary day when she cried out to God and found true identity in Christ. Tune in to learn how finding your identity in Christ is the best way to achieve true happiness.

  • Making Decisions God’s Way: A Biblical Approach to Choosing What’s Best | Ep 06

    Have you ever struggled with making good choices? Maybe you've got an opportunity ahead of you that'll impact your entire business, life, or family. But... what should you do? Like most, you probably have a memory of making a choice that didn't end well. But one things for sure, life is FULL of choices. So tune in to learn more about how to make good choices God's way and eliminate that anxiety around decision making once and for all.

  • Finding Your Identity

    Identity: Finding Peace & Security in Who you actually Are | Ep 05

    What could’ve devastated her life and career led her closer to Jesus than ever.If you’ve ever “lost yourself” or placed your identity in success, career, or achievements…then you definitely need to tune in! Cherlyn Decker (author, speaker, and prophetic life coach) joins the conversation to share an incredible testimony of how her job layoff led to a complete transformation in Christ. She shares how God can take even the most crushing life blow and turn it around for good. We discuss topics like identity, authority, and how you can start walking in your God-given identity starting today.

  • How to Hear God’s Voice Clearly Every Time | Ep 04

    Have you ever struggled to know what God is saying to you? Because He does have much to say to you, daughter! And He is still speaking today! Tune in to break down why you could be struggling (and more importantly) how you can begin hearing God's Voice in your life and prayer time more clearly.