New age spirituality: what is it and why is it dangerous? | Ep 08

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Have you had this thought? ” How can a little guided meditation or law of attraction be bad or evil?”  Truth is, these seemingly benevolent practices found in the New Age and occult world are incredibly wrought with darkness. It opens doors to demons and what you thought was ‘love and light’ is actually taking you far from God. If you’re ready to leave it all behind, this episode is for you.

In this episode, You will learn about the hidden dangers of new age spirituality.

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“You begin to see that rotten fruit of oppression. So you’ll have this kind of double life where on the outside, you appear so happy. You appear so put together. Nobody would know that on the inside of you, you hate yourself. You are so depressed. You are so

I used to be really into new age spirituality and the occult. I sincerely believed I was doing good. I mean, how could a little guided mediation be harmful? I though the “Doreen Virtues” of the world were a little cray cray, and that anyone who said consulting angels was wrong was just not spiritual enough. That is until one day when Jesus answered me in prayer and showed me, with all gentleness and love, that what I was doing was just as evil as some of the terrible things we see happening in the world today. Shook doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

I know nobody practicing new age beliefs, BELEIVES they are a ‘new ager’ or that they’re doing anything other than spreading love. I invite you to press in and hear what God has to say about it. You might just be surprised.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The dangers of new age spirituality and occultism
2. What new age spirituality is and how to identify it
3. How to break free from new age spirituality and occultism

Making better decisions with Jemese LaChel

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Jemese is an Evangelist, trauma therapist & mentor for women. Her greatest joy (besides spending time with her family) is to watch souls be saved from darkness and brought into the Kingdom of God. Today she serves in the ministry of inner healing and deliverance, helping women grow in their Christian faith.

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Introduction: Hey friends, welcome to a new creation podcast where we’re pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel, I’m your host. Go ahead and get yourself comfortable and let’s dive right in to today’s episode.

Welcome back friends. This is an episode which I have anticipated would be coming and in fact I know that this is something that will be talked about a lot more by me for sure in the solo podcast episodes. And I’m seeing God send me a lot more women who are willing to speak about their experience with the same.

I really don’t want to waste any time with a bunch of introduction, so I invite you to pray with me as we open up this episode.

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Hey friends, welcome to a new creation podcast where we're pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel, I'm your host. Go ahead and get yourself comfortable and let's dive right in to today's episode.

Welcome back friends. This is an episode which I have anticipated would be coming and in fact I know that this is something that will be talked about a lot more by me for sure in the solo podcast episodes. And I'm seeing God send me a lot more women who are willing to speak about their experience with the same.

I really don't want to waste any time with a bunch of introduction, so I invite you to pray with me as we open up this episode.

Most gracious and heavenly Father, I just come before your throne of grace that I may obtain mercy. I pray for the listener right now, Lord, but they would walk in grace and receive mercy as well from you. You are so good to us. You love us so very much Lord God. And I just pray right now asking for your presence to be with me as I talk about this topic today, but to especially be with a listener, lord, I pray that you would surround them with special favor right now in the name of Jesus. Like you would surround them with your Holy Spirit right now in the name of Jesus that even if they don't know you and even if they can't call themselves a Christian right now, they're leery whatever you got the listening to this episode for a reason. So right now Lord, let's just acknowledge that you're right here in the room with us. You said were two or more gathered, your name there, you are in the midst. There's something that you have to relay to the listener today. And I just bless you in advance for the fruitfulness that's going to come from this conversation. Be with us. Let me say exactly what you would have me to say, nothing more, nothing less, and the blessed name of Jesus. Amen. We're talking today about New age spirituality, occultism. So that's something that I used to actually engage in. So I'm not going to use this episode to go until my own personal testimony of that. There is a ton of information out there, but I'm totally not trying to hide from anybody. So if you want to go, here a piece of my testimony. That information is available. But today I'm here to just have a conversation with our listeners. So let me say this first and foremost that this episode is for those who have come out of mute spirituality, occultism, witchcraft, but especially for those who are still engaging in these practices or questioning. I get a lot of women who have questions and that you even are in a place of contacting me or anyone to say, hey, is this guy really say that this is bad. I'm just humbled that you would even be asking those kinds of questions, because I feel like a lot of times this conversation comes up and defenses come up with the listener or the person who's asking, because automatically it's like, don't judge me. Don't judge me. And I'm not here judging anybody. That's not my job. But I am here to share. We can take wisdom from what we've learned, but we don't want to stop at the experience. I went through stuff, you've been through stuff. If we just stopped with our experience, we'd be in a lot of trouble. I actually want to take you further than that. I want to take you to a place of gathering hope, gathering wisdom and gathering just truth from the word of God about these subjects. So we're going back to the original question, all the way in the Garden of Eden, and the serpent approached Eve and said, did God really say? And you'd be surprised that the same sort of scenario is playing out even to this very day. In short, the serpent back in the Garden of Eden was really asking Eve, did God really say that? You can't do this or you can't do that, you can read that story in Genesis. But surely the serpent was really asking in a manipulative way, trying to deceive Eve, trying to get her to doubt the truth that God had already told her. Because God gives us boundaries. He said, you guys can eat from any tree in this garden. You're in paradise. Eat from any tree, but don't eat from that one. He gave them free will to choose to follow Him, free will to choose to do what was good and right. And then the serpent comes on board and it's poking holes and saying, did God really say that? You can't. That same act of deception or rebellion plays out even to this very day. It happens really subtly, those questions that you have in secret, like, did God really say that Tarot is wrong? Did he really say that we can't console angel cards because it feels so good and benevolent and it seems so good and benevolent. But the trouble comes whenever we trade the truth for a lie. And that is the act of rebellion, the original act of deception. That is the original sin, choosing to trade the truth for a lie. So, truth, let's talk about that. We hear people say, there's my truth, there's your truth. You do you, I'll do me, and it's all good. Some say my truth is that any path leads to God. And when you die, it doesn't matter what you did or what you live like or what you believe in, that it all ends in a kind of fairy tale book ending all roads lead to God. But is that true? Is that truth? And if you say it's true, by what authority are you saying that one of the greatest character traits of people who find themselves in these spiritual practices or people who claim to be spiritual, not religious. One of the most positive characteristics that I see in these people is that they actually, at their core, are truth seekers. You want to know the truth. You can perceive that you're being lied to by the media or you're being lied to, and you want to know the truth, and you want to function in truth. That is a good thing. I see that God sees that in you. Unfortunately, when you don't have any basis for your belief system, your thought or your feelings other than your own mind, you're going to be lost. You're going to get let us pray. Because our minds, our own understanding was never meant to be our compass. Our compass has always from the beginning, it was supposed to be the Lord God Himself leading us, guiding us by his spirit. It was always supposed to be a personal relationship and not speculation. So when you read the Bible, something I love about the Old Testament, when you get in there and actually sit down and read it, those people again and again and again, they had encounters with God. So even if someone were to come up to them and say, god's not real. They knew Him. Many walked with Him. There's many described in that way this person walked with God. They knew Him. It would be no different than someone coming up to you and telling you that your brother is not your brother or your brother doesn't exist. But you know that you were raised in a family with your brother, and that person is talking complete nonsense, right? But that's their truth. Do you see? This is called a logical fallacy. This belief systems that are kind of like a shaky house of cards that when you go poking, the whole thing falls. You don't want to be basing your belief system for what happens with your eternal soul based upon anything that is shaky. There's a reason why the scripture refers to God, refers to Jesus as a rock, a rock of ages. And we'll get more into that. I've kind of shifted gears here a little bit. I guess that piece of the conversation was for. But you want to just look at what it is that you're calling truth, like what it is that you're calling your truth. I spoke about it last podcast episode. I would encourage you to go back and listen to that interview I did with Cathy devotee. She shares her experience coming out of spirituality and some of the errors in thinking. You get into that world not because you feel like you're trying to do harm, in fact, you're trying to do good, but you're amiss. You're doing it from a place of deception and you don't even realize. And that's the thing about being deceived. And that's the reason why people argue about this point they think that it's stupid to suggest that shock or healing is bad or whatever, because you can't see that you're being deceived while you're being deceived. You know what I'm saying? Like, otherwise you wouldn't be walking in deception. Nobody who is being deceived actively knows they're being deceived. And if you are practicing these things, new spirituality, wixcraft, and some of these terms will define later on in this episode. But if you're practicing this stuff, the fact is that you are being deceived, that there is a holy God who holds the truth, who is the truth. Let me say it like that. There's a God who is the truth. And he knows that you're being deceived, and he doesn't want you to be walking in deception. He wants you to be walking in truth. Because the fact is that you are in danger. You may not even realize it, and that maybe sounds dramatic, but whenever you start practicing these things, you open up a door to the demonic realm. And that door is open in your body. It allows demons to afflict your body. That door allows demons to run in and out of your house and oppress your family, causing conflicts in your home. It operates without you even knowing it. Otherwise, you would stop. No same rational person would engage in these practices knowing what's happening. Now, there are those who are straight up aware that what they're doing is evil. That does exist. I have to take that statement back. There are people out there who are that sadistic, right? They know that this is opening up doors. But you have to understand that even if you're out here calling yourself, like, love and light person, I laugh because I didn't even have words to it. I was like loving light when I was in that world. I never called myself a new leisure. But when you come out and God shows you what's going on, you can see it clear as day, and it is demonic and it is evil. And the scriptures tell us that Satan came to kill, steal, and destroy. And you begin to see the fruit of that. God says you'll know them by their fruit. You begin to see that rotten fruit all over, but you get to see that rotten fruit of oppression. So you'll have this kind of double life where on the outside, you appear so happy. You appear so put together. Nobody would know that on the inside of you, you hate yourself. You are so depressed. You are so full of anxiety, you can't even want to stay in your body. You want to jump right out of your skin. PTSD is having you ate up it's because these practices do bring trauma. They bring trauma because guess what? The devil runs on fear. Fear is not of God. Fear does not belong to God. Okay? Perfect. Love casts out fear, and God is love. Okay, come on. I'll get into a little bit of this later. I'm just trying to illustrate something to you because I know there's someone listening. He's like, I'm trying to display or illustrate to you some of these characteristics which you might see happening in your own life. There is certain character traits that you're going to see or certain fruits that you're going to see when you're functioning in new spirituality or occultism, et cetera, witchcraft, whatever you want to call it. Even crystal healing, which I know someone out there is like, that is so benevolent. Crystal healing. It's a rock. What do you mean? And it is just the rock. That's the thing. I laugh because I used to believe this stuff. I mean, I'm not laughing at anybody. I'm just like laughing at the silliness. Because we get so desperate for healing, we get so desperate to feel better that we will cling on to these belief systems and they end up literally causing hell in our lives. And you find yourself kind of circling this drain of philosophy or fake spirituality is really what it is, and you're really not grabbing hold of anything. It leaves you in a place of just constant searching. So there's something that I was asked to do today. As I prayed over this episode. I was asked to do three things. The Lord God asked me. He said, Show them themselves. He said, Show them God. And he said, Show them the solution. So that is my plan in this episode. And may the Spirit of God himself empower me and anoint me to do this. Well, I want to show you yourself. So a lot of us who are experienced in new experience reality or have found ourself in that world, you can't even really see yourself. You can't see how it would be that Christianity or anyone would say, oh, this is bad. You definitely can't understand how anyone would call it straight up evil. But the Bible, the spirit of God, god's word Jesus, they do call it evil because it is. And that can be quite offensive. So I think the first thing that I want to do is sort of explain what is new experience reality? What are we even talking about? I know when I was in that world, I didn't call it that. I don't think anyone really who is practicing these things actively is saying like, I'm a New Age spiritualist. I practice new spirituality. Or they don't say like, oh, I'm in the all cult. Because you don't think of it like that. You think that you are just out here actually sometimes you think you're doing God's role, that you're helping God in some way. You think that you're practicing love and light. And you think that you are being a light in this very dark room. I want to be so bold as to say that quality of wanting to do good, wanting to be a light in the world that's actually really lovely. You know, there is a lot of evil in this planet. On the planet. It's really incredible. But you would want to count. The question becomes, however, are you working with God who wants the same thing? Are you working with God or are you working outside of the boundaries that he has designed for us? Maybe you have an experience of being in church and you weren't getting your questions answered. I know that was my experience. I had questions. I didn't know who to go to to get those questions answered in a way that made sense to me as a child. It just makes you right before it makes you right for this type of deception. So that's what new experience reality is. It's a form of deception that takes you far from God. I'm going to give you a list of some practices of new experience reality. And in fact, I think that I'll actually even give you the dictionary definition. Okay, so Wikipedia says that New age is arranged with spiritual or religious practices and beliefs which rapidly grew in Western society during the early 70s. That scholars differ on their emphasis of what it actually means because it's a highly eclectic structure. And that's the thing with the new age. It's constantly changing. It's never staying the same. And there's deception for you right there because when you're practicing that, it's always, oh, this is based in some ancient tradition, blah, blah, blah. So I want to do a step better and actually read off of this. It's called a nonchristian spiritual experience inventory. So these are experiences which are considered occultic or newage in nature. If you have engaged in any of these practices, these are the kinds of things that I'm speaking about whenever we're talking about new age spirituality. And I'm just going to read it off of this list. This is coming out of a book called The Bondage Breaker by Nielsen Anderson. Wonderful ministry he has around, setting people free from the bondage of all kinds of things, but new age and occultism being one. So just reading this checklist, it says, out of body experiences such as astral projection, lucid dreaming, WICA, Ouija boards, black magic, white magic, those games that you played as a kid, perhaps such as Bloody Mary, light as a feather, playing around with your match, eight ball, Ouija board, that kind of thing. Channeling chakras, reincarnation, previous life, healing past life, healing past life, regressions mediums, mediumship channeling, doing spells and curses, telepathy or mind control, tarot cards, I'll add angel cards, automatic writing, astrology and horoscopes, palm reading, fortune telling, doing blood packs, messing around with sexual spirits, having sciences or circles, mormonism, freemason, Christian science, church of Scientology. These are some false religions that can cause them all the oppression in your life. Doing things like nature worship, worshipping Mother Nature, practicing Islam, going into chances, working with spirit guides, doing clairvoyance or calling yourself a psychic, or thinking you're a psychic and on and on and on. I'll add also it's a spirit of animism folk religion such as hoodoo, voodoo, ancestor worship, all that kind of thing is under the umbrella of New Age spirituality or occultism. I even want to add things like doing sexual energy work, sexual healing work, thinking that you're going to manifest, thinking that you're going to do Law of Attraction, vision boards even in some cases, I know I'm going to get some flak for that one because we find, even in the Christian world, that a lot of people like to work with vision boards. But there can be when you're not spiritually mature enough, there can be a deception that comes along with even that practice. Because you're looking at this image and you think that if you look long enough, you're going to manifest the car. Because you're looking at this car, you're looking at this Mercedes and you're just imagining yourself in it. It's not that God doesn't want us to use our imagination. He gave us an imagination. But it's are you relying on your imagination to manifest something more than you're relying on God who gives you good gifts? Like I said, that's not an exhaustive list that's coming out of this book called The Bondage Breaker you can look at. But these are just some of the tangible practices of things that perhaps you have engaged in the past, which have opened up demonic doors. I'm here to tell you if you've done that, any of those things, even one time, you have opened up a doorway for the demonic realm to harass you. Satan who came to steal, kill and destroy you, open up doorways. By your participation, there will be some who say, but I didn't know, I wasn't intending to do hiring. But the nature of the spiritual world and the reason why God gives us boundaries, like he doesn't want us going out into these so called astral realms, spiritual realms, because you're not under his covering. Because the nature of darkness, the nature of the kingdom of darkness and there is a kingdom of darkness, the nature of that world is that by your participation you are complicit. And it doesn't matter if you knew it was good or bad or evil or whatever, because you participated, that gives them permission to run rampant in your life, period. I want to add them to this list right now. I want to speak about we're talking about new spirituality. But I'm also moved to tell someone listening that even having sex outside of marriage, because God has designed marriage to look a certain way for a reason, just be curious enough to ask why would he design it that way? Don't get mad at me. It's the word of God. Why would God say that sex should only happen between one husband and one wife? Because when we operate and have sex outside of God's boundaries, that opens the door to what is called sin, and it gives the demonic realm permission to mess with you. And a lot of times with a new age, there's all of this stuff about breaking soul ties and you're going after it because you can sense it. We can sense that something is amiss. You get involved in those kinds of practices not because you're trying to do bad and evil, but you sense that something is the matter, something's wrong, you're trying to do something about it, right? You're trying to break soul ties or whatever you want to call it. But there's a way to go about that, and that way is God's way. We never want to be out from under his way of doing things. So I'm going to invite you to listen closely. I was hoping that this episode would be a lot better, but the fact is that if you're engaging in any of those practices, you are aware that there's a spiritual nature to life. But the problem becomes, whenever we puff ourselves up with pride, it's like you don't actually have a full understanding or your user experience and say, well, nothing happened. I didn't see a demon manifest when I pulled that angel card or I got that spiritual reading. Nothing bad happened. You don't understand the true nature of the spirit, and there's a great danger in that. God is very willing to explain to you. We have to go to Him and ask Him for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He's not trying to hide things from you. There are many things which he keeps us from because he's good as a parent. There's things that I'm not necessarily going to tell my daughters at age 34, you know what I'm saying? Because there's no reason to expose them. There's sometimes things that God keeps us from because he doesn't want us exposed to that. But when we go outside of Him, we expose ourselves. You can open up doorways that you never meant to open. And it all happens as a result of kind of following your feelings and sort of these notions that we find in this world. Let's talk about it. Is it evil? Is it actually wrong? What's wrong with these things? Like I said, it feels really good. But here's the danger with following our feelings. God says that we are not to walk by our feelings. We are not to walk by our sights and the things that we see, we are to walk by faith. So do you even know what faith is? Many of us coming to these practices are coming because we're longing. We're looking for something. You know what I'm saying? I can say we because I did this too, before Jesus snatched me out of that world, when I wasn't even asking. I wasn't necessarily looking to be snatched. I didn't think that I was doing anything wrong. When I had my encounter with Jesus right at the beginning of the pandemic, there were such massive evil going on in the world. There was such social injustice, all the shootings, police brutality and all that mess, human trafficking. I was sick about it. And I went to God, who I knew. I knew there was and a lot of you listening who are practicing, if you don't renounce God, you don't say there's no God. You even think that you're helping God in some way, you're helping people to get healed or you're helping people to whatever. I went straight to God during that time because I wanted to help. I saw myself as a help. If you're a New Age practicing crystal healer, whatever, calling yourself a healer, like I want you to hear, I hear you. I see that you want to help. I'm not coming against you. I'm coming against the evil. I'm coming against the deception, because you do not see that you're deceived. When I went to God and I asked Him, I cried out. I pressed in again and again and again because I was just ate up about this world. So why is there so much evil? There was like a point where I received the awareness that it wasn't about black versus white or any of the stuff that the media was portraying. It was actually about good versus evil. I took that to God, who at the time I had trouble with. Like, I knew Jesus was real, but I had trouble connecting to Jesus because there was some kind of block, right? But I knew that Jesus had a lot to say about evil. I knew that Jesus had a lot to say against the devil. I knew that Christianity had a name for the enemy, for the devil, and that Jesus had a solution on the cross. Although I didn't fully understand Christianity, I want to go about this because I wanted to know, remember that I was still practicing this stuff. I didn't think anything was wrong. And God, he showed me why there was evil happening. He showed me he took me to the Scriptures, and then he showed me myself and that those practices of consulting tarot cards are consulting angels instead of consulting Him, instead of consulting Jesus, instead of consulting his son, you know what I'm saying? That is, when we go to anybody else but God, when he's standing right in the room, he's saying, Honey, I'm here. He's standing right in the room, he's saying, I love you, come to me. But we don't do that, right? What happens is, if you don't know the Lord for yourself, if you don't understand your place, if you don't know that he gave you an identity, what occurs if you end up consulting, like, it's a slippery slope, but it doesn't happen right away. Often it's a slippery slope for a lot of people. You just pick up a crystal because it's pretty. Pick up a little rose quartz crystal, it's pretty. Then you start reading about it. You're like, Oh, this crystal can attract love, and it seems harmless. None of this stuff seems, on the surface, like it's causing any harm. That's why there's such mockery towards those who speak out against this. But you have to question, like, why would someone be willing to get humiliated, to speak out and say, being a psychic is wrong, mediumship is wrong, et cetera, et cetera. Why would someone be willing to risk their whole reputation? Human beings have this thing where we want people to like us. That's a characteristic that tends to be built into every person until you get yourself in Jesus and you're wearing like, we don't actually strive for people to like us. We strive to serve God. But you have to get curious and wonder. And so for me, that's, like, how it started. I said I wasn't going to turn this into, like, a testing. That's how it started. It turned into me, like, just getting humble enough to ask, like, well, why would thereen work? You throw her a whole career in a trash can and get bankrupt. That woman went from being a millionaire to be humiliated all over the place on the Internet because people were dogging her name to bankruptcy. I started to just ask, Why would she do that? Why do the Christians why do people say that this stuff is wrong? And so if you have any hints of that curiosity in you, and I imagine that you must if you've gotten this far in this episode, I want you to recognize that's a great thing. And the truth is, if you don't know what the Bible says from cover to cover, you don't fully understand God. You're allowing yourself to remain open to deception. Because if you don't know what the word of God says about God, you allow a leave room for that space to get filled in. You'll be none the wiser, but you've gotten deceived. And that's how a lot of us end up practicing this kind of New Agey stuff. Now, the danger is that it is evil. It's not just bad, it's straight up evil, demonic, Satanic. And that may seem sensational, but the truth is that whenever you do these practices that God has boundaries around, he says, don't do it. What you do is called sin. That's what it's called. Sin is missing the mark that God has for you. Okay? People get really offended about, oh, Bible says we're all sinners. We're all born into sin. But the truth is that we don't know how to be a good person. If you have ever stolen a piece of candy, even as a child, that's not natural. And the world will try to explain that away. Let me say it like this. That's not natural to God. God didn't design us with the he had a purpose for his people, his chosen people, his daughters. And that's not the plan that he had for us to be little kids who like, lie, who steal, or who hurt each other. You know what I'm saying? That doesn't come from him. It comes from the evil one who is so crafty that often times you don't even recognize him. The enemy, the devil is not going to come showing up like a double with a red pitch fork. He will show up in these small little deceptions. Somebody listening today has a mother or adult, a caregiver who they saw practicing these kind of things, who they saw doing Ouija board or doing readings or stuff like that. And then you thought it was okay because you're looking at them instead of looking at God, because your parents or whomever was raising you, they didn't teach you this stuff. Okay? So I'm here today to tell you that from this moment forward, understand, I'm not condemning you. God wants you. God loves you. He sent you here to listen to this message for a reason. He is ready to save you. Save me from what? That used to be my question. Save me from what? Save me from eternal separation from Him. And we're just not built to live separated from God. That's not the original plan. That's not the design. Because whenever we become separated from God, by putting on these new age practices and trying this spirituality that is outside of God's boundaries, you separate yourself. And when you're separated from God, you end up filling that void with all kind of deception, all kinds of things, which only leads you further and further from Him. There's a reason why atheists who deny God will fill that void with science, and science will become their God. That's what idolatry is. We have to worship something. You're even worshipping the Lord Jesus, you're worshiping God or you're worshiping something else. If you're worshiping anything else but Jesus Christ, who is God, you in trouble, girl, okay? You in trouble because you will be let astray. And it may not happen right away, but if you take a moment and look around your life, you'll see all kinds of destruction, all kind of anxiety, all kind of mental health issues, all kind of oppression functioning in your life. And you'll be like, I don't know. Why is this happening? It's happening because the demonic doors have been open in your life. Sometimes it's not even you who's done it. Sometimes it's generational. A lot of people get into new spirituality or occultism or witchcraft because they're like, oh, I'm going to heal my life. I'm going to break generational curses. Don't you know that God agrees that generational curses exist and should be broken? Come on. Don't you know that he has a lot to say about it? I would encourage you to question your heart right now. Is what you believe about God true? A lot of times, like, people will think of God and Christianity as like this evil, wrathful, crazy person in the sky. But when you read the Bible cover to cover, it tells one love story of a God who is so good, he will do anything to save his people. Oh, he loves us so much. He is the good shepherd. And when you think about a shepherd, the shepherd has some jobs, right? The shepherd's job was to use his voice to direct and guide his flock. And the shepherd's voice, I heard someone speak recently that the shepherd will also use his voice sternly to keep the wolves away so that his flock doesn't get attacked. But if you as a little sheep wander off and say, you know what? I'm going to do it my own way. There's nothing wrong with carrying around some crystals in my bra. Come on. I know I'm talking to somebody. I used to do this mess. What's going to happen is you're going to open up doors to demons who will function in your life, and you have given them permission to be there. My biggest beef with the new age is that as spiritual as it claims to be, I don't know nothing about the truth of the spiritual realm, because if you did, you would be so scared that you would turn away completely. That's repentance, by the way, to turn away completely, to turn back to God. I'm going to read something to you out of the Bible, deuteronomy 18, verse nine. It says, when you come into the land which the Lord God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abomination of those nations. I'm sorry. There shall not be found among you. Anyone who makes his sons or daughters pass through the fire, which was like a pagan practice of sacrificing your kid I don't know how to say it killing your kid. Which sounds like crazy, right? Sounds crazy? What are you talking about? God, listen to the scripture. There shall not be found among you. Anyone who makes a son or daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conquers spells, or a medium or a spirit test, or one who calls up the dead for all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations, the Lord your God drives them out before you. Now this right here is telling you that these practices are not pleasing to God. And you got to ask yourself in humility, why would he say that? So that was something that I had to ask myself because I used to practice this kind of weird stuff. It's kind of like mediumship thinking that I'm talking to my ancestors, et cetera, et cetera. And I was doing it from a place of love. I wasn't doing it trying to be evil, trying to do evil. I did not know that I was actually working for Satan and doing those things. And I don't believe that most people doing these practices, practicing new eggs, practicing tarot cards, practicing angels, practicing meditation, where you're working with angels and calling angels of abundance. And I don't believe that you all believe. I don't think you all believe that you're doing something wrong. In fact, you often are doing it because there's something in you that feels like it's love, that wants more love. Here on the planet, we recognize, like I said, this world is a very dark place. And you want more love, you want more light. But the problem is that here in the Scriptures, god says those things are an abomination or they're evil. Why would he say that? That was my question. And so he answered, because that's the thing about Holy God he's not trying to withhold. Jesus Christ said, that what I've told you in the dark. Go and shout it out from the rooftops. He's not trying to see a lot of New Age. A lot of these practices that you're doing, you do it in secret, nobody knows. You have to hide it from someone. That is an indication that is not a work from God. If you have to hide that you are burning candles or hide that you're doing this or that is not God, who do you think is asking you to hide that stuff from your loved ones? If you're having to hide that you got a pornography addiction, who do you think is making you do that kind of hiding stuff? New Age practices. Those who are practicing New Age witchcraft, crystal healing. You don't realize that you are playing with fire. You've got the double running rampant in your life. You are in bondage, and Jesus wants to set you free. Now, if you don't believe me, guess what? There's a test that the Bible tells you. And I think God knows. He knows his people, obviously, because he does know all. He sees all. He has told us what to do. There would be those who don't believe, right? He told us to test the spirits. And in the Bible, it tells you exactly how to do that. Now, the problem is that some of us got the double working in them. And so you'll read the Scripture and it will get twisted up immediately because you start putting your own understanding in it. Bible also says, lean not on your own understanding. Take it straight to God, okay? Be humble. Take it straight to Him. Test the spirits. Because the only one who can save you is God. He puts in our path human helpers. Demons will actually oppress your body if you do not give yourself over to God and His Holy Spirit so that His Holy Spirit lives in you. Guess what? You got some other kind of spirit living in you. I was just crying and grieving as I sat down to record this podcast because the Father showed me his heart for you, the listener, the Father, your father in Heaven grieves his daughters, who are lost in occultism because you didn't get there. You didn't get there believing that you were going to do some great big evil. You got there because you were hurt, and the devil took advantage of that. Most people who end up practicing these things have some kind of church hurt. Maybe someone actually physically hurt you in the church or said something wrong. You have some kind of trauma. It usually happens at a very, very young age, usually around sex or sexuality. You have some kind of trauma which causes you to distrust men, because if you distrust men, it becomes very easy for you to distrust God. Do you see the deception that the enemy has put on you? And it hurts the Lord God, your father. It hurts Jesus. It hurts him so much because he loves you. And you were never supposed to live that way, ever. And because of that great hurt, because of this disconnection to God, what ends up happening is you do a dabble. You end up dabbling in these practices, especially if you don't have a spiritual covering our parents or whomever our caretakers are. They're supposed to cover you spiritually. That's why the word of God describes God as one with this massive wingspan, covers you under the shadow of his wings, kind of like a mother hen, if you will, who will just scoop you up and cover you and protect you. So if you've been touched by this conversation, if it struck a cord or hit a nerve, I'm calling you to come out of the darkness to a God who loves you. I'm calling you to get curious enough to ask yourself, why would God say that? I'm calling you to question, why can't you read your Bible? What about it's a book. Why can't you read it? There's wisdom. I know that the Bible is sharper than any two egged sword. That when you read it, it's alive and active. When you read the word of God, you are encountering Jesus Christ. And if you've got a demonic attachment to you, of course you're going to resist. Now, that's not to say, like, even a matured Christian who's delivered nothing demonic going on. There's spiritual warfare going on in this world, baby. Like, we are in a war. Whether you know it or not, whether you profess Christianity or not, you're in the warrior. But it's like, are you on the winning team or not? Because the devil has been defeated. Jesus went on that cross. He said to tell us that it is finished. He made a mockery of the devil. He made a mockery of empowers and principalities. Do you understand? There's a spiritual world you don't even fully know about. God has boundaries. We're not supposed to be out there astral projecting. You don't want us out there doing this kind of weird stuff because guess what? Your body, your spirit and your soul it belongs to holy God who loves you. Read Song of Solomon in your Bible, read Song of Solomon. That's what love looks like, okay? And this was a holy love that the Father loves you. But if you deny him and you choose to walk in the ways of the world and you choose to deny Jesus, yes, there is wrath. God is good, but that wrath is reserved to quench out evil forever. Okay? We have a choice. People often end up practicing this kind of stuff because they say, like, why would God allow such evil to happen in the world? Evil towards children, just terrible things. We've seen all kind of awful stuff in the room when we're not grounded and rooted in the Lord. It can cause a person to turn from God. But don't you know that God god is not pleased with that either. But here's the thing. If God was going to eliminate evil, he would have to eliminate humanity. He would have to eliminate humanity. And I feel like I'm going to cry. Because he loves you. He loves his people. All throughout the Bible, it's one story after the net of people falling short of the glory of God, people letting Him down, in other words, or people who couldn't live up to the high calling. But what did he do? He made a way. He comes back. He's very patient. And I would encourage you to pick up a Bible and begin to highlight the nature and character of God, because I promise you, like, I'm still learning about the nature and character of this God who loves me. He's still bringing me revelation about who he is and his nature and his character. You need to know it based upon the word of God, not based upon your feelings, not based upon some guided meditation, okay? You will be let astray a lot of people are, believing what Satan thinks about God. So if you have thoughts that God is just some evil, wicked monster, that is not the God of the Bible, that's not the God who loves you. That's not Jesus. That's how the enemy sees Jesus, because the enemy has been cast out, defeated, forever overcome. In Jesus, we have all authority as the believer over the evil one. There's a scripture that says, you know, test the spirits. But there's also a scripture that says that you've been given authority to trample over serpents and scorpions and overall power of the enemy. Nothing by any means shall hurt you. Whenever I was practicing that stuff, it would get weird, right? I would get scratches on my body. Sometimes I feel sensations. And one time some stuff went missing, like my keys actually ended up missing. And I knew it was weird. I just thought it was spiritual, but it was like to the point it was annoying. My keys were missing for days, and I was having all this supernatural activity happening at my house, like my keys were missing. It was the only way I could turn my car alarm off, and my car alarm kept going off and was freaking out my parents because I lived in their house. I was, like in my 20s or something, and I knew enough about Jesus to say, in the name of Jesus, whatever has taken my keys, you put it back in a place where I can see it. You do it right now in the name of Jesus. This is before I even fully was in Christ. I was still practicing some of this new way of spirituality. But that's the thing about Jesus, about the name of Jesus. Every word of God is cruel, and it says in the Bible that every day will bow. Every time you'll confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord, that means that every demon has to bow to the name of Jesus. The devil, satan bows to the name of Jesus. Do you know your place to the kingdom of God? That's my question for you. You have a place that is much higher than where you're standing right now. You're practicing this stuff. You've made it this far into the episode. You have a place that is so much higher than when you're standing. The Lord wants to reveal Himself to you completely, fully. There's a fullness of God available to you. There's a healing that only he can bring. Why? Because every word of God is cruel, and he says that he turns everything that the enemy meant for evil. He turns it for good. But you have to come to Jesus. You have to reprint. You have to turn away from your wicked ways. You have to turn away. Get curious enough to ask, why would he say that? Are all these Christians and all these people, like, completely wrong? Are they wrong about it? Why would God say he doesn't want you to go see a psychic medium and that whenever you think that you're getting a message from your grandma or you think you're getting a message from oracle card reading from your angels, why would he say that? That's not good. That's evil, actually. Can you humble yourself enough to simply just ask and take that straight to God the best way you know how, which is just crying out, is asking Him whether you say it out loud or meant to leave. Can you get curious enough, humble enough to find out for yourself? Do you consider yourself a truth seeker? I believe if you've made it this far into the episode, you do consider yourself a truth seeker. And the beauty in that is God wants you to know truth as well. Press in. Ask if you have questions. If there's something more in depth that you want to know about, you're welcome to message me on Instagram at jamie. I'll have all that information in the show notes, but for now, I feel like I shared what I was supposed to share, so I'll end with this. There is hope for you. You don't have to go this alone. I know right now someone is scared to press in about this because you feel like you're going to lose your gift. You have a lot of faith and these abilities that you have developed, right? Guess what, honey? The Bible does speak about spiritual gifts. Of course you've got gifts. There's the gifts we have in the natural which God has given to us, there's the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will sometimes give a person information that they didn't know previously. This is called a word of knowledge. There are Godly gifts, Godly spiritual gifts, but we need to be operating and functioning in that in God's way and allowing the Holy Spirit to bless us with those gifts, rather than going outside of God and trying to seek a psychic or doing it outside of God's ways, which is really a counterfeit. God's ways are higher. God's ways are better. He will, at the right time, give you knowledge and education and awareness and keep you safe spiritually, because his goal is to protect. All right? We want to always be under the protection of the Lord. And so I just admonish you to lay down your defenses, press in, and see what God has for you. On the other side of this, there is freedom and deliverance. As always, friends, I like to leave a little bit of time at the end of these episodes to give you a chance to come to Jesus. So this is for you. Whether you're a brand new fresh believer or maybe you just want to reignite your faith, maybe something you heard today just draws you closer to Him. You can just say this prayer after me. Lord God, I confess that you are the Lord. I confess, Father, that you sent Jesus and that Jesus is Your Son, that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. And I ask you right now to press into me as I press back into you, please draw near to me, Lord God, as I draw near to You, I want to know truth. I want to repent of doing things a wrong way. I admit I don't know everything. Maybe I got myself into some mishaps or some trouble, but I ask you to please guide me, to forgive me. Please. I need a Savior. I need you to guide me. I ask Lord God, please make it plain. Please make it simple, make it easy. Give me understanding. Help me to trust you. Help me to trust the process, and please send me a human helper, someone who could help me through the process that you're about to take me on. In the name of Jesus. I just want to say thank you and amen. And if you just said that prayer for the first time, welcome to the family. All right, friend. That's a wrap for this episode. I know that that was a lot of information. If you have questions, I mean, I've set up multiple times in this episode. Please feel welcome to find me on Instagram. Action. Useful. Let's build a community there. You can send me a DM. My DMs are open for right now. And, of course, don't forget to leave me a five star review on Apple that really helps. Or a rating on Spotify or whatever it is that you're listening to your podcast so that we can get the message of Jesus out to the nation. And I want to leave you with this final blessing. Now. May the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body become blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. See you next episode. Bye.


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