From New Age to Jesus: The Truth about Identity with guest Kathy Dwulit | Ep 07

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Have you ever found yourself thinking: “Who am I?” Do you really know your true identity and what your purpose for being here in this world is. For Kathy Dwulit, these questions culminated in one painful moment when realized she had been lied to about her identity. Listen as she shares how trying to “find her truth” or identity in wordly practices, actually just led her down a dark path of promiscuity, new age spirituality, sensual healing practices, and more. Until one ordinary day when she cried out to God and found true identity in Christ. Tune in to learn how finding your identity in Christ is the best way to achieve true happiness.

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

1. The importance of having a strong foundation in biblical truth in order to establish a healthy sense of self and identity.
2. How easy it is to get lost and stray away from God when we don’t know who we are in Christ.
3. The dangers of pursuing new age spirituality and sensual practices without understanding our true identity in Christ.

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“I realized that, like, I am pure and I am sweet and I am cherished and I am loved. And everything that I was trying to put on top, that was a lie from the enemy just was there to break me down and pull me away from my identity.”

Kathy Dwulit

This is Kathy’s story…

I was in college when I got pulled into a pyramid scheme that led me to drop out. I got so deep into it that I ended up losing myself. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and ended up doing things that I never would have thought I would do. I got to a point where I realized how far I had strayed and I came back to Jesus. He showed me who I really was and that I was loved. I realized that everything I had been believing about myself was a lie from the enemy. I am a child of God and that is everything...

new age to Jesus with Kathy Dwulit

Connect with Kathy:

Kathy is a social media assistant based out of Toronto. She also hosts the Get Godly With It podcast where she shares her testimony and encourages others to grow in their faith.

Key topics to listen for (with timestamps):

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Some Scriptures Referenced in this Episode

  • Philippians 2:2
  • Romans 12:2
  • James 1:5
  • Isaiah 61:1

Episode Transcript: 

Jemese: Welcome to a new creation podcast. We’re pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel. I’m trained as a trauma therapist. I’m also an evangelist and mentor for Christian women. So go ahead and get yourself comfortable, go reheat your coffee, get yourself some water. Let’s dive right in to today’s episode.

All right, welcome back friends. I am so excited because today I have with me, Kathie Dwulit. Did I say that right, Kathy?

Kathy: Yes, you did.

Jemese: Okay. She is someone that I found on, actually instagram, during a season when I was praying to God to just godly-fy, godly-fy up or like glorify up my my my news feed. I was praying like okay, I mean I need people on my news feed who are glorifying the Lord and somehow another like Kathy’s beautiful face graced my news feed and I’m like, I gotta follow her…

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Jemese: Welcome to a new creation podcast where we're pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel. I'm trained as a trauma therapist. I'm also an evangelist and mentor for Christian women. So go ahead and get yourself comfortable, go reheat your coffee, yourself some water. Let's dive right in to today's episode.

All right, welcome back friends. I am so excited because today I have with me, I'll Kathy Dwulit. Did I say that right Kathy?

Kathy:  Yes, you did.

Jemese: Okay. She is someone that I found on, actually instagram, during a season when I was praying to God to just godly-fy, godly-fy up or like glorify up my my my news feed. I was praying like "okay, I mean, I need people on my news feed who are glorifying the Lord" and somehow another like Kathy's beautiful face graced my news feed and I'm like, I gotta follow her

Kathy: Aww

Jemese: It's been really interesting. We'll talk about that a little bit more, about sort of how God linked us up together to the point where now we're having this podcast episode. She's going to share her story. I can't wait. But you can find out more about her and,  I'll share that later, but she's got a podcast.

Kathy: I do.

Jemese: She's got a podcast called Get Godly With It that you definitely want to check out. I love it. But I'm running my mouth enough. I'm going to shut up.

Before we begin, I always like to pray before start these episodes. So, Kathy, if you don't mind, would you pray for us and our listeners?

Prayer for the Listener

Kathy: I'm here for it. Let's do it. Okay, God, I just want to thank you for this episode so much. I want to thank you, Jesus, because you have opened up the opportunity and bless both Jemese and myself with an answered prayer.

God, we believe that your spirit is going to move. We never go after the ninety nine, we go after the one, just like you did. I believe that you have a word for someone who's listening.

So, whoever's listening, I pray that their heart would be open to receive, their eyes would be open to see you, ears would be open to hear you.

God, I know that you want to use me and Jemese to speak into this life, so may this episode be filled with your encouragement, be filled with your strength, be filled with your power. May It re light a fire in someone's heart. And if the person listening is not even Christian, I pray that they this would be a catalyst for them to give their life to you, God. Lord, I just pray that they would see your glory through this episode, that you would truly just reach down to touch our mouths and give us the words to say, and that the one listening would actually be really impacted with this episode. They would have a change in their hearts, they would have a revelation, a new direction, any answers to their prayers, and we just leave this up to you, God, in Jesus his name. Amen.

Jemese: Amen. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

So I always like to start these episodes and interviews with one question, which is, basically, what is your Jesus Story? We want to hear about. How did you come into the faith and what does that look like, because we're a lot of people will be typically her two stories or the ones who were, like, I grew up in church, was like in my blood, and there's others of us who had to get it after like going through terms of stuff, you know, and so just curious, like what is your Jesus Story? How did you come to the faith? Okay, so I guess the first thing I want to say is I'm really honored to even be on this episode Jimmy's, like you were actually when you sent me the message earlier, I think this week, saying that after you saw a couple of my videos with the friends and you said you began to pray and it was such a part of your testimony. I was really honored and I felt so blessed that God used me to speak into your life. So it's honestly such a blessing to be able to be here and to speak into someone else's life with you. But going into my story, as I was praying even before this episode, like I told you earlier, I felt really deep on my heart that someone needs sorry, I don't know how to turn off my notification. That's okay, go off ro with that. That's okay. Yeah, so I felt like someone really was struggling with their identity. And it's so crazy because you said that lined up with a couple of episodes that you have been doing prior right. Yes, big time. Yeah, so I was really just asking God, like what part of my testimony do you really want to? WANT ME TO SHARE? And I guess I'll just go right into the part of me completely like devastatingly losing myself and growing up. I never really had issues with how I looked per se. I always felt pretty confident, like in my body and in my appearance. So, like that's never been a problem for me. I'm really blessed with that, to be honest. But like with my personality, I had a lot of people speak over my personality, telling me I'm annoying, telling me I'm stupid, telling me I'm dumb, telling me that I would end up on the streets, I wouldn't like have a good career, I wouldn't like just awful, awful, awful, awful things spoken over my life and it began to confuse me and it began to kind of, I guess, stray me away from the design that God has given us. Because he says he has so many precious thoughts about as. He says we're wonderfully and fearfully made. Maid he says that were so precious to him, more precious than rubies, like so many beautiful things he says over our lives. And I ended up just completely thinking that I'm this awful, like just this person I didn't even want to be friends with. Why would I be this right? And so I definitely did not grow up with identity of Christ. Like I didn't. I mean I grew up in a Catholic church, but, like the church that I went to is not filled with the Holy Ghost. So, like it was never like evangelizing, prophesying, like being filled by the spirit, like non none of that, like Protestant, Protestant that's the word, I think, type of stuff. And so I never knew, like the truth of God. In Catholic in my church, old church, we it was very uncommon to read the Bible. It was just like a thing for the priest. So I never really knew the truth of God. So I started to build my life based off of what these people were saying, and that's how I formed my identity. was just I'm this person, I'm dumb, I'm not going in school, I'm not like love, like I'm not loved, I'm not worthy, like all this stuff. And going into high school, that resulted in me diving into a lot of sexual sin and then I started to get labeled as a horror at school and so like. It was just like so much on top of so many things, and it was just awful. But that's where I started to like experience my identity and started to root it right. Yeah, going into college, I began to dabble a new age, and I know that you said a lot of your listeners are actually they know about new age. So it's all that stuff with crystals, meditation, all of that stuff, and as I was praying I was like God, what part do you really want me to show? And he really got me stuck on the question of who are you. And when you're in new age and you start meditating, a really big question you actually meditate on is who am I? And so you start to ask yourself who am I? Who Am I? And then you start to like visualize I'm this boss woman, like I'm this woman who, like is so desirable to men. I have a lot of friends, I have like a good few. That was like my dream goal. That's what I wanted to be right, and so I thought on this question like who am I? Who Am I? Who Am I? And when that question is not built on the foundation of Biblical truth, like when you are asking that question to yourself rather than asking God who am I, you're going to get lost, you're not going to understand what you are or who you are, because it's coming from a place of your own thoughts rather than truth. Right, and I know that there's the stance of but it's my truth, this is my truth. But it's like there is not two truths out there. I said in one of my podcast episode you can't say to Plas to is sit because it's not. It's for same thing as you can't say there's your truths in my truth. One thing has to be reality. Right, exactly, right. Yeah, and so, yeah, so in new age. That's something that God really put on my heart, is that question of who am I? Who Am I? Who Am I? And as you ask yourself that, you start to like make things up, you know, like Oh, this is who cathy is, this is who Jimmy's is, and you get lost. You can, you can stray so far away from yourself, trying to identify yourself with the they they call it the higher self, and so you start to identify yourself with this dream girl that you want to be. But it's like you can even be targeting something that you're not. You know, like I could be telling myself, because being honest, like being completely vulnerable with your with your listeners. I now, I used to like tell myself that I was desired by men, right, and then you look at the Bible and there is such bad things spoken about the promiscuous woman and how God desires a pure heart and how God wants to create clean hearts in us. And so even when you're asking yourself who am I, it's going to go base off your flip flesh desires rather than biblical truth. Right. And so as I grew deeper into the spiritual guru, like this whole new age thing, like completely losing myself, determining myself as a witch, like it was just absolutely like sinful things that I was speaking over myself and again, like the whole lack of worth compared to what people like, because of what people used to say about me. I it was just adding on top of that, you know, everything just spoken lies, like straight lies from the enemy, everywhere I was going. But as you begin to identify yourself with these words, you walk with this baggage on your back and if you don't have the release, which is the cross of Jesus, it becomes you and you can't be sanctified and you can't be purified until you lay it at the feet of Jesus, right. And so in college, at my worst point in my life, I found like a whole pyramid scheme and I thought it was like the answers to all of my like manifestation practices, and so I joined this Emlem and I'm not going to speak ill of it, I'm not going to say the words of it. Like in the end I should have been more wise with my decisions, but I ended up dropping out of school because of it. And in that specific business, your brand was based off of who you are. So, going back to the question of who am I, I had to create this brand of like who is Cathy? How can I sell this product in a way that showcases my personality? But at this point, being so deep a new age, asking myself, who am I, doing these like meditations, visualizations, like trying to become this person I'm not, I started to lose myself even more, and so I started going on my instagram and I started to become this like very like sweet girl, but it was like these words that I was speaking that we're not coming for me, like it's not who I was. So I was really portraying this pure, like light girl, but it was like all of it was, oh my gosh, I was like about to say this word. That's not good, but it was like all of these fake words. I think that's better, like using fake words to portray someone that I'm not, to portray that my identity is something that I'm not. And I got deeper and deeper into this and from that I felt that this sweet, pure girl wasn't resonating with who I actually was, and so I started to get into sensual healing, which is like completely against biblical principles, like I used to teach. I came to a point of my instagram journey with this MLM that I would teach self pleasure practices in a way that was like seducing and like sensual and just so not who I am. And at that point was a point where I realized I have strayed so far from myself, like this is not who I am, like why do I want to be known for something like this? It was so bad to the point I remember I told my brother, you need to unfollow me on instagram. Him because I didn't want him seeing, like anything that I was doing. And if someone that I am so close to, and it's so close to me, can't see what I'm doing, it's clearly wrong. And so I completely lost myself and I remember just one day aside on my floor and I came to Jesus, you know, like I was like I felt like the love of Christ and I felt truly like I'm okay, like I'm going to be okay, like he has a plan for me, I'm going to go forward, and the way he pursued me was so beautiful. But I don't feel like called to share that. Yeah, in this episode I feel called to share more about like the identity part. But through my walk with God and understanding the truth, I realize how wrong this promiscuity was, you know, I realize how big of a lie it was. And people are speaking that I'm dumb and people are speaking that I'm going to be a Hobo on the street. You know, because God says, I know the plans I have for you to prosper you, to give you a future and home. You know, like everything was a lie. He says he wants us to be pure. He wants us to be holly set apart, like made in his image and and I started to Romans twelve to like have my mind renewed by the truth of God, and I came to realize that, like, I am pure and I am sweet and I am cherished and I am loved and everything that I was trying to put on top that was a lie from the enemy. Just was there to break me down and pull me away from my identity. And if Satan can't get anything from you, his biggest tactic for those who are not saved, and his biggest tactic even now, when you're saved, is is trying to manipulate your identity. So many times I hear from people going like Oh, but, like I'm not beautiful, so I need to wear a lot of makeup where, you know, I can never get to that thing where I can never do this, and it's like, but that's not the truth. That's the enemy attacking your identity. So you don't know that you're a child of God. Right. And once I established my identity as like okay, I am a child of God and that's it, like that is it. I don't necessary foundation. Right, that's everything. But is it. Yes, so good, and I realize, like that's it and everything is built upon that. Yeah, I think that. Yeah, that's like the testimony. Okay, you know, there's so much to pull from. You said about God having a design for us, and I can relate to your story. And I also didn't grow up really like reading my Bible. I was involved in church, but I would I'm curious to hear your thoughts, like, I know for me I found that when we don't know what it says for ourselves, we don't pick it up and like read it for ourselves, we miss so much because I had these preconceived notions about Christianity even being like in church, you know, like I have these preconceived ideas that it was somehow like oppressive or whatever whatever that sort of was. What can draw a person into new WAG practices because you think they're so well they think they're so long evolved, but when you read the Bible, like it's all late out, like God has given me a whole identity. Every one of us, every one of his children, has a full identity. And so I'm curious to hear from you, like when did the light bulb turn on for you? Like Reading Your Bible? Did you pick just pick it up one day and start reading? Like tell us about that. So, going back to that pyramid scheme that I was in, Gosh Darn it, I don't even know, like imagine if I had Jesus back then, I would not have spent so much money. But you know what, that was like a catalyst for me coming to Christ. So what happened was I was in the EMLEM and one of the leaders that I was underneath, they actually got saved and I was like it was so weird because it was kind of like the first time that I didn't see it weird to hear the name of Jesus, like I was kind of like intrigued because I kind of like saw that she was so lit. Yeah, in a way, not like like drunklet but like right like lit off of the joy of the Lord, you know, and I call that that up Jesus, like yes, you know, I guess it's just I don't know how to describe it. Like we got, like I see it in you, that like light of the Lord on the inside of US coming out that Jesus, like you saw that. We'll call it the Jesus glow. Yeah, that Jesus glow. Oh, I like that. Yeah, and it was so crazy. It was so crazy because, like you were able to actively see the radiance of her youth restored. And I remember like she did one call with us and it was like this one girl, but then I'll never forget she was because she's from Hawaii, and she was like sitting there and and just the way she was on the screen after she was saved, I was like, oh my gosh, you look so happy, like so joyful, and that kind of like intrigued me right, but I didn't really think anything much of it. And then a couple weeks later I went on a hike with my friend and I saw this poll and it literally just said Jesus on it, and so I was just like, oh, that's cool, you know. So I actually took a picture of it. I remember my friend was looking at me and she was like are you good, like why are you taking a picture of it? I was like, I don't know, I think it looks really cute. So I like took a picture of it. And then a couple weeks later, like God was pursuing me like heavy at this point, and a couple weeks later I found a Bible in my room and I had no idea it was there. Turns out I had two bibles in my room. I had no idea like whatsoever. So I picked out the Bible and I started to read it. It was only like a New Testament Bible, HMM, and I literally had no idea what I was reading. So I just put it down and I did not pick that thing up again. And then a couple weeks later I hit a really low point in that business where I was like, I've been doing this for over a year and a half. I spent so much money. The only thing that's coming out of this is me completely like going on a path that I'm not supposed to be on. And I was on a call with this business coach and I felt like I just wasn't receiving any reaping for what I've been sewing in the business and I felt discouraged. You know, I felt very discourage and I was on the call with the coach and she was straight up like, I don't think you're giving it. You're all and that really affected my heart the minute she said it. I mean honestly, like it's nothing against her, it was just something that she had to say right and at that point, I remember, I was like, I think I need to go and I hopped off the call and I cried so much and I got on my knees and I said, God, if you're real and if this is you, pursue me. I really need to know that you are here and that you are real, because anymore I can hear you. Get out for a second. It cut out for a second. I can hear you, though. Okay, I really don't know what happened. Yeah, when I'm back. You're back. I could hear you just fine. Where did I did you see my face? I was literally glad we lost audio there for a second, but there was so many like notifications on my screen. I was like, what is it going on? I don't know what that was. I was literally the enemies hopes of destroying what I was uh, and that gotta happen. Somebody's got some you know, I truly believe that. I truly believe somebody's going to be saved from this conversation. I'm just going to prophesy that. I believe it, because you know, a lot of times people don't let they don't they keep it to themselves. They keep it inside because they can't relate. They are they feel like they can't relate. Actually, there's a ton of people going through exactly what they're experiencing, but it's conversations, likely St that you know, that need to be heard because it's so common. And so you were saying, I'm ask you to go back. You were saying how you got on your knees and you were crying out to God. If you're meal, this is you pursuing me, and then I cut out. So start right there so we can let our listeners know, like our prayers matter. He hears US and he's not afraid of US questioning saying that kind of prayer. Are you real? He's not afraid of that. So jump right back in there. I'm like getting emotional, I feel honestly. I don't know if you listen to my podcast, but every episode I end up crying and I'm always best. I'm so sorry, I don't know. Always cry. It's okay, I cry. I cry my worship, like pretty much. I we trying good, like I'm. It's the goodness of God. That's what it is. He's so good and it will overtake you his goodness over takes you, his blessings over take you, and how can you not cry? Yeah, we've done you know, tasted and seeing the good. Yeah, but it's so funny that it cut out as soon as Jesus was entering the scene. Uh Huh. Yeah, so I was on the floor and it's so crazy because I have a notebook and I was at that time. I was also I deleted my instagram because I wanted to strictly focus on just writing out all my thoughts and figuring out what I am going to do going forward in my life. Yeah, and so I have literally a journal from like the day that like I was saved and how the beginning of the day started with such like awful thoughts and then at the end of it of that day, just being like but Jesus is here, but God is good. And so on the floor I was when I called out to him. At that moment, I felt, honestly, just as rush of like peace and it felt like every burden was lifted like in a matter of like a set like I can't even explain it, because I just felt this feeling of like I'm okay, you know, and things aren't going to be okay. And I remember the next morning I woke up and I was so joyful, like I literally like as I saw the girl from my from like the MLM, how she went from one day being like whatever she was and then the next day it was like her radiance was like real lit and like the joy of her youth was like they're like that's what happened to me. It was like the next day I was just like beating and I remember feeling like a filling of the joy and I couldn't explain it. And I remember going outside and it was like everything looked different, like the trees looked prettier, the clouds looked more mesmerizing, the sky was it was as if I was seeing it for the first time and I to this day, my favor everything to look at are the clouds. I loved, like the outside and like they look so fluffy and so cool, but it's like God is in that detail. Yeah, and and that is the moment that he restored. Obviously, like you still walk and you still have to be redeemed and restored and like things change and you have to be healed of certain things, but in that moment I felt like just okay, you know, and Jesus was with me and and I think like the next day I started to look up sermons and then I started to read the Bible and, Oh my goodness, the Bible was so hard to read at first. So whoever's listening and struggling, I feel like this is for someone like don't give up, do not give up. God will like he will show up one day. One day you're going to be like, Oh, wait, I get it, I get it now, I promise you. Yeah, for me, that's the way it was as well, because I had a I had putting a bibles and I would move, I don't take my Bible with me, but I just never really read it. And that's what's my experience as well, that when I finally sat down to read, and eventually it was the Holy Spirit. Now I know that, and also the Holy Spirit helped me to understand. But, like that says, a job. He wants you to understand, and so our job is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak, in terms of Bible reading and making it easy. I actually ended up using that, I would recommend a lot. The Bible APP on my phone and because it has an audio book version for people who were like auditory learners, and he just makes it so easy. He does. I have found that God just makes as much as I thought about Jesus or God whatever, I thought that was actually wrong, thinking it was the way Satan look that God. You know, I didn't understand it at all. I thought it was also confusing. But I've come to find out that God, he makes it easy. You know what? It doesn't mean we don't go through stuff. I may come on. I think me personally, I have gone through more as a saved Christian then you know. I mean because a deal with stuff, because of the word. The Bible tells us that you're going to be persecuted, that even in your own freamily people, they're gonna talk bad about you. This that are the other you know, we go through things, but it's like this understanding that we can. We can get through it all with Jesus. So good. And there's a there's a verse that's escaping me right now. It is it Holy Spirit. It's that verse, but we all know it. So we've heard it a million times. So I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. That's thanks God. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me, and so maybe that's where somebody to as you to remember them. I was thinking of there's a verse and Isaiah and it talks about how this spirit so talks about Jesus, and then it goes to sovereign spirit of the Lord will fall upon him and it's like the spirit of knowledge and might and counsel, and then it's a spirit of understanding. And that same spirit that came and rested on Jesus is the same spirit that lives in us now and, as you're saying, like he wants to reveal things to us right and he has given us a spirit of understanding. It's one of the seven principles of the spirit that lives in us. And it says also somewhere the New Testament, I know, like so many verses, but I don't know where they are. Yeah, I'm just saying we really need to pray on this. Yeah, you say that in a podcast episode. I'm like, I relate to that. I could tell you. I mean I could tell you when I tell you the birds, I just can't point you to where it is exactly. So they thank God we're Google because sometimes I'm my limit has in here. Yeah, I am. Literally every episode I'm like, I have Google open and I make sure to let them know. Guys, if I go silent for like two seconds, it's just because I'm searching where the verses for you could right. But what was I saying? What was I saying? What was I saying? Was I saying? Oh, yeah, it's spirit of understanding. Yeah, it says somewhere in the New Testament. I'm like thinking it's Galatians, but I know it's not in Galatians. It says that. And God is good that when you ask for like wisdo Um, he won't deny you wisdom, you know. And so if you ask for understanding, to understand your word, his word, he's not going to be like no, I want you to figure it out yourself. He's going to bless you with that gift because he wants you to know him right, right, and it's so important to know what it says for yourself. I could continually like I feel like lately the Lord is having me sort of like hip on that point. So good, but because I grew up like I can't speak ill of the church where I grew up. I love them to this day. You know, I went through some medical stuff couple years ago and I with my daughter and they were the only ones who showed up right. So, like, but I remember as a young child that I had questions and like I just didn't have answers. You know, I had questions. It was all what was was all relate to me in terms of, okay, the Pastor has preached this, you know, this verse, and that's where it stopped. I didn't go home and read it for myself. I didn't go home and dive into that. And like not to say that our pastor's priests whatever shouldn't be seen as ones who have the authority to like peach. Of course right, that puts them in those positions. But it's so important for us to pick up, to pick it up and run with it and take that word, eat it, go home and, like she will that, you know, for ourselves, because the Lord really does want us to have an understanding for ourselves. You know. So that and I actually find that it makes worships so much fuller. You know, like now I'm involved with am a church and it's just awesome because, not because I consider myself a Bible scholar, but it's like we're unwant accord, you know, and and God loves it when we're in unity. And I want to cordy. It's my prayer that our listeners really understand, like if there's something you don't comprehend about Jesus, like he he wants you to know and he's not trying to keep it from you. Yeah, I know for myself when I was in the new age, like it had gotten to the point where I would almost cringe at the name of Jesus because I didn't understand. I didn't understand him. I didn't know why I couldn't reach them and didn't know what you know. And Yeah, so I know somebody out there listening it's probably feeling that layer has felt that way. And and just to hear from even your own testimony, Cathy, how like Jesus didn't hold that against you. He didn't say, Oh, I'm not going to come answer her prayer. You know, all the tick was that one prayer you followed on your knees. Are you listening? And like, boom, that's what happened for me too, like his piece gets washed over me. Undeniably. Yeah, instantly something changed, you know, and he'll do it for I hope that, like, I just want people to understand, like, and it even says this in the Scriptures, God, it's not playing favorites, like he did it for you. Yep, so good. He did it from me. He'll do it for our listener. will do it for anyone who is sincerely crying out to him, you know, because it's so much better his way. Yeah, yeah, honestly, like, I love that you said they didn't hold it against me, you know, because I think that new age is so dark, you know, it's so dark and if you actually don't repent of it when you first come to Christ, like, it can oppress you. You know, it could actually really oppress you if you don't confess and like you are covered by the blood of Christ and you are protected by him, but you can still experience that anxiety and that depression and that stronghold that it gave you if you're sitting there and completely like rebuking what you did and confessing what you did. There's so much power in confession and I think that a lot of people are like, Oh, I didn't do anything wrong, so why would I come best? You know, sometimes I literally confessed because of a thought I had that wasn't even that bad, but I'll confess it to God because I'll just be like, I just don't want these thoughts right, you know. Or like by accident, I'll like give my mom like the wrong tone of voice and I'll go up into my room and I will literally be like God, I'm so sorry, you know. And it's a form of humility, right, and God loves humility because God is humility, you know, he is humble. And so I don't know why I'm talking about humility right now, but maybe, yeah, se here right. Yet, coming from new age, it's such a place of like pride, you know, it's such a place of like I am I god, and like I am perfect, and those affirmations, oh my gosh, it's like I am this and I am beyond beautiful and I am the most attractive and just all these affirmations that just fill your ego and your pride and your ego. And once you come to Jesus, it says in Philippians too, like Jesus gave up his divine privileges to come down as a Oh my goodness, holy spiritily spirit, come down as a servant right, in the position of a slave. That's what it is. And he also came down to be obedient to God. And what was the obedience? Literally dying, you know, dying a criminals death, like he didn't just die this death where he got up on the cross, he was naked, he was beat he was spat on, and that is humility, right. That shows humility. And so when you come from New Age, it's actually hard to be like, Oh yeah, God, I actually screwed up by meditating and I screwed up by trying to heal myself with crystals and new moon rituals and full moon rituals and and sensual healing and being a witch. And it's a shock to your pride, right, absolutely, and you walk in that darkness as you carry it with you. And it says in the Bible somewhere, I think it's in psalms, and it talks about how he brings light toward darkness, right, but it also says knock and the door will be open. So he can't bring you light unless you ask him. God, like, this is the place in my heart I need light. And so if you're not confessing, it's stuck in darkness and it has like the enemy can use that as a hold, right, and I actually have seen someone that's walking around an oppression because they dealt with that stuff and they haven't confessed through to it. And so, yeah, I don't know, like who needed to hear that, but I believe someone like I'm going to tell you right now, like there is power and confession, there's freedom and confession, and being humble is extremely hard, especially when we are humans who love to dwell in self righteousness and love to dwell in our pride, thinking that we're the best and a lot of the like. Sorry, I know I'm going off on a tangent. No, go ahead. Even in the new age movement there's so much about learning to love yourself. But it's so funny that they say that, because it's like why then, that does the Bible tell us we need to learn to die to ourselves? So good? Already know how to love ourselves very well, you know. Yeah, yeah, it's so opposite. I mean it's all completely opposite and it's a major deception, like that's that's the word, you know, it's deception. Yeah, a hundred percent deception, and I always thought it was stunny of that for something that claims to be, quote unquote, love and light, like it's so dark. And I just love what you said about asking. Ask. Yeah, asks, ask, you know, and it doesn't have to be this great, big, huge, like religious experience. I met Jesus, I asked on my living room couch, you know, and that's where like the spirit of the Lord rushed in and everything changed, you know what I mean, all from that one act of humility. Really, you know, it takes humility to ask, it takes humility to but you're so right. This is so good and I know that somebody is going to be blessed to hear you know, because I don't know that I've ever actually sat down and like talk with someone about that point of confession, you know, like we don't want to be given in any tools to like. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. When when, like I said, going back Jesus and makes it so easy, like, you know, he wants to take it all, like he says, come to me, all of you who are weary and heavy late, and I'll give you rest. You don't have to strive and you don't have to like he wants us to rest in him. You know, and I know for myself, and it sounds like, even listening to your story, like that Hustle, hustle, Hustle Hustle mentality, like we can't ask, we can't sustain that way, and Jesus doesn't want us to be living that way. You know, he wants us to rest in him and that that doesn't mean that we don't have work to do, you know, like you know, I have a family. I got to take care of my family and it takes strength to do those things. But it's like you learn a new way of living in Christ, where it's his strength coming out through US and enabling us to like accomplish everything that we need to deal according to his will. You know, not so me centered. It's not me. It's not I saw like a meme that said something like, you know, the Holy Trinity is father said, Holy Spirit, but the trinity of the new Laggers, me myself and I. So you were saying that about the I am statements. I was like, you know, Cuz I did that in you. It's so cringey. And to just bounce off of you saying in the state of rest, something that I was learning actually recently is. My church is really big on talking about God's grace and learning to receive as like a child receives, because, like you know, like it's so easy to work for blessings, right, like okay, you go to school, you study really hard, you get good grades, You Clean Your House, you get an allowance, so it's always like do something for something right, but with Jesus it's just grace, it's just fate. And, as you were saying, the resting, it reminded me of how they said Dud on me twenty eight, and I don't know, like maybe somebody needs to hear this, but in dud on me twenty eight it talks about the blessings that they received in the promised land and but it says, if you obey my commands, you will receive this based off of works. Right, something that someone in my church said replace the if you were obey my commands with because of God's grace and favor through the blood of Jesus Christ, wherever I go and whatever I do, I will be blessed. And just like literally like change that one statement and D D on me twenty eight and like read it as if it was like a promise to you, and that is being in the state of rest that you were talking about, right, and being in a state of like, okay, I back to like identity. I am a child of God and because my God loves me, not because I deserve it, not because I am in any way deserving of anything good, but because of God's grace and because of how he loves me, I'm blessed and like in that state of rest that I have been learning over the last couple of wee weeks, I have received so many blessings and my eyes are so open to see the things that God has for me and the doors he's opening, only because I'm resting in his promise and I'm resting in the things that he has literally, like given to me as an inheritance. Those words in the Bible there are inheritance, right, and there are our right to live by, and we take those and we walk with those and if we don't walk on those, we're not walking on a foundation right. And and so I encourage like you and and also the listeners like read that. Read that chapter. It's so good and it really helps you to be position in a state of like, okay, I'm a child and I'm just going to sit here and like receive from my father, you know, way, yeah, that's what he wants. He wants US till come to him as shouldered as a reason that the Lord said, you know, that the little how do you put it? But the kingdom, it belongs to such as these, the little children, and he wants us to to come to him as little children dependent on our father. And and that being the case, our father, he wants to love and nurture on us, like if we, in our flesh was want a father or, you know, and Dad who is a good dad. How much more does our heavenly father want to pour out goodness onness? And that does look like disciplining US sometimes, you know, like I had to be disciplined for my sin, you know, coming out of all of that wicked stuff that I was doing, you know, but that discipline is love. Yeah, there's love, and that you know. And so, yeah, I'm going to put that in the show notes, that deteronomy twenty eight. It's so big. It is because, like you know, for me, I especially coming out of a church where our background that was very, very religious like. And I when I say that, I don't I'm not trying to insult you, know anybody, but I say that meaning a set a set of rules, like you can only get to God if you do like this and if you don't do like this. Will you know what I'm saying? Like coming from up that sort of foundation of real religiousness into this place where, like now, I know the Lord for Myself, I know the Holy Spirit, I know Jesus. I can say that I know him. He calls me a friend like that to the scripture. He wants us, he calls us his friend. I know it's a relationship. You know. Then you realize, like I don't have to heal, I don't have I can never work to earn the blessing of God. It's His grace. It says love that he pours over me and I just walk in that. Just like you said, we're just walking in that and that's so beautiful. Well, I feel like this has been such a fruitfal conversation. I feel like time has flown by, like I feel like we've only been talking like fifteen minutes. Oh my gosh, it's been so quick. I'm like, I'm like muting, yeah, because my brother's so loud in the background, like I'm not trying to ignore you, I'm just like I really just Dave you to hear him as you're speaking. Oh, that's so funny. I cannot hear him on the MIC at all. So really cannot. It's okay because I can't use like very aggressively. Oh, that's so funny. NOPE, it's not coming through. Thanks God put you in through that prayer. We prayed for for it, like literally on my side, I'm like thinking. I'm like, why is it during like the juiciest parts that they're like getting so loud? I don't but they're never like yeah, so it's that is funny. Well, I'll tell you what, it's not working. It's not coming through at all. I would not have known if you had said anything. Perfect, perfect, all right. So kind of wrapping up two things. I want you to share how our listeners can like find you and your podcast, and also, what would you tell someone who did not know Jesus for themselves, like, well, we want think you'd want them to know. So whatever order you want to you want to share, and I'll share first with like what someone like would want to know. Something that came up in my head as soon as you said that was the people who are like, but I've asked Jesus to show up and he hasn't showed up. My advice is say it with all of your heart, like, don't hide it, you know, like I feel like a lot of people are like Jesus, if you're real, show me, like that's not a prayer from your heart, that's a prayer from prime you know, you just want something out of it. So you are calling on him. So ask with all of your heart, like don't don't sugarcoat how desperately you need Jesus, because you need Jesus. I need Jesus, like, honestly, I love that thing. It's like I need Jesus just to go to Walmar. Yeah, like I think about it. Like the other day I was thinking. I'm like, I really need God just to get gasp, because as I'm pouring gas, I'm like thinking to myself, Jesus comes anxiety because he's gas prices are so high, you know, and I need to trust that you are going to provide for me. So, like we need you this everywhere, you know, for seven yeah, yeah, so my advice is literally be desperate in calling out to God because you need yeah, and to find me, I have many platforms. You can find me on instagram and Youtube at Cathy Leet, or on my podcast, instagram you it's at get godly with it podcast. My podcast is get godly with it, and then my tick tock is Cathie Luet. It's a lot, but like yeah, I'll put another show out. We just click on it. Awesome. Thank you so much, Cathie. I honestly feel like we can scratch the surface. I realized. I feel like there's more, but Um, I feel good about it. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for this conversation. Thank you so much for your time and being so transparent. I just know that somebody is going to receive exactly what they need. This was an honor, honestly, like I feel so blessed to have been us. Anything for God, anything for God. What a heart you have given us, Lord, but we will do anything for you. If you're listening to this and you're feeling odd tug on your heart, maybe this is your sign that it's time to stop getting I'm going to invite you to pray this along with me, or allow me to pray over you. So this is for you if you're ready to come to Jesus and know him as your Lord personally, or maybe you want to just recommit your life to the Lord. Lord Jesus, Father, God, we just bless you, we Praisey, we thank you and we thank you that you make it easily. We don't have to wait till we're in church, we don't have to wait for anything, we can just call out to you right now. The scripture says, can make your ways to the Lord and he'll make your path straight and the trust in the Lord. And Lord, we're ready to commit our ways to you, we're ready to trust you and we ask you to make our paths before straight. Make it clear, Lord God, make it clear what we're supposed to do. Give US clarity with what we're supposed to do. Lord, Jesus, Father, I want to just confess it out of my mouth, and I believe it in my heart as well, that Jesus is the son of God, that he died for my sins, that he rose again, he resurrected with all power and Lord, I'm just so ready. Please come and make all things new and my life, maybe everything new for me. Lord, that's a personal prayer. I'm asking you to make me the new creation word God. In the blessed name of Jesus, I pray a man and if you just said that prayer for the first time, welcome to the family. Thank you so much for tuning into this episode. That's a rap. I want to ask you, as always, to please leave us ever review wherever it is that you listen to your podcast. If you have a personal testimony, maybe of coming out of a new age or the occult, and you want to share that testimony for Jesus, or if you have any testimony that you would like to share of how the Gospel came in and changed your life, you can reach out to me at a new creation podcastcom. There's a link on that website where you can come on and apply to be a guest, or you can find me on my socials. Just go to instagram actual Nisa shall and send me a d m. God bless you. I just pray over you that the blessings of the Lord would overtake you, that you would walk in his ways, that you would be sensitive to his voice, that the Holy Spirit would begin to work in you and creating you to be exactly who it is Jesus design you to be, that you would know your identity as a child of God. I pray that whatever need it is that you have right now in your life, that the Lord Jesus himself but reach right in and touch you and that place, wherever it is that you have a need, whatever it looks like, whether it be for yourself or her family. I just pray blessings over you. Thank you for listening. Until we meet again, when God bless you and keep you


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