Childhood Trauma to Triumph: Surviving my mom’s psychotic episodes with Patricia | Ep 11

Episode summary: 

Patricia Ortega, Christian career coach, shares a profound faith story of turning childhood trauma into total transformation. As a child she was the target of her mother’s psychotic episodes and experienced a lot of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse as a result. She spent many years struggling with drugs, relationships, mental health and feelings of abandonment. However, through encountering the presence and promises of Jesus, she’s been able to rebuild her life with God’s guiding hand.

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In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Patricia’s experience of being the target of her mother’s psychotic episodes, and the abuse and trauma that resulted from it.
  2. Patricia’s journey of forgiveness towards her mother, and how it has been a lifelong process.
  3. The way God has redeemed Patricia’s past and used her experiences to benefit others.

“I would pray as a child saying, ‘I just need you to hold me here, and not let me go insane.’ God literally re-raised me. I didn’t know how to do anything for myself. He taught me how to do everything and then he put me tied in my life.

Patricia sharing her childhood prayer to God

This is Patricia’s story…

Patricia’s mother suffered from mental illness, which led to Patricia being the target of abuse, both physical and emotional. As a result, Patricia struggled with mental health issues, anger, and addiction and childhood trauma. However, God redeemed her past and showed her how to live a good life. Through His grace, she was able to forgive her mother and find peace and healing.

Childhood Trauma to Transformation in Jesus with special guest Patricia Ortega from The Uncommon Career Podcast

Connect with Patricia:

Patricia is a Christian, a podcaster and master’s degree trained career coach at The Uncommon Career LLC. She helps clients prayerfully navigate the career sector; communicate trademark strengths; and become confident, sought-after professionals. 

Episode Transcript


Hey, friend. Welcome to a new Creation podcast where we’re pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jamie’s License. I’m licensed trauma therapist and mentor now serving in the Ministry of Inner Healing and Deliverance for Women. I invite you to go ahead and get yourself comfy, maybe get yourself some water girl because, you know, we all need to be drinking more anyway, so here’s your friendly reminder and let’s dive right into today’s episode. 


Today I’ve got a wonderful guest. I know you’re going to love her story. Her name is Patricia and she’s going to be sharing with us a story of really profound transformation. I say that knowing that any time Jesus comes in and touches our lives, it is always so profound. But her story is really incredible. She shares that she’s a Christian, a wife, a doodle mom, which sounds so fun, and a career coach….

Scripture Referenced

Psalm 21:10

Exodus 20:12


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