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  • Embracing God’s Love: Healing from Rejection Trauma with Tawana | Ep 21

    From rejection to redemption, Tawana's extraordinary journey took an unforeseen twist as she unraveled the profound power of healing and deliverance. However, her world was deeply stirred once again when she stumbled upon James Tarter's captivating masterpiece, 'Cleaning the Deceiving Heart.' Get ready to be captivated as you witness the aftermath that left her profoundly awakened and ready for healing. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience as the divine intervention of God takes center stage, meticulously pruning and gently dismantling to pave the way for a remarkable transformation that will leave you inspired and yearning for more.

  • Reviving Your Vision with the God of Restoration | Ep 20

    Discover how surrendering to Jesus can bring transformative healing to even the most broken areas of our lives. Jjoin me as we explore the power of the God of Restoration to restore hope and empower us to pursue our dreams with boldness. Let's break free from limitations together in Jesus name!

  • Jesus is the Way: Breaking Free from Demonic Strongholds with Evangelist Venetia Zannettis | Ep 19

    Break free from darkness and experience the Light of Christ. In this episode Evangelist Venetia Zannettis shares her testimony on coming out of drug addiction, new age lies, the prison system and real hope from the woman needing freedom.

  • Navigating Adversity: When Life’s Not All Rainbows with guest Candace | Ep 18

    In this podcast episode, Candace shares her story of trusting in God's plan for her life, even when it's hard.

  • A Love Story with Jesus: Dani Kay | Ep 17

    After miraculously surviving a near-death experience as an infant, Dani began a lifestyle of searching. Her journey of finding identity and healing leads to a heart-wrenching confrontation with the lies of the enemy and redemption found only in Jesus Christ.