Feed Your Soul: An Every Word in 90 Day Reading Plan | Ep 16

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Discover this fresh opportunity to go through the Whole Bible in 90 days. That’s right. Every Word in 90 days! Come feed your soul on God’s Word in this free, small group reading plan and experience transformation in the New Year!

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“Life is so much better when you know the Word of God. When you know the Word of God, which contains truth and knowledge, you use it for understanding, it corrects us, and it helps strengthen you for the battle.”

Jemese LaChel
Every Word in 90

I had an encounter with God several years ago that changed my life and one of the first things He told me to do was to read the Bible from cover to cover.

It transformed my life and I’ve been doing it every year since. I’m led by the Spirit lock arms with a group of Women ready to get into God’s Word and be equipped with Truth and Hope.

To make this easier for people, I am facilitating a Bible reading plan that starts in the new year. Through this plan, I want to help people to know who Jesus is and to know the power of the Gospel.

This is not meant to be a challenge or a burden, but rather an opportunity to grow in our knowledge of God and to develop a deeper intimacy with Him.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Discover a new opportunity to go through the Bible in 90 days and experience transformation in the New Year!
2. Uncover the power of the Word of God as a weapon against spiritual warfare and a source of knowledge, truth, and understanding.
3. Uncover the invitation to deeper intimacy with the Lord through tithing your time and spending it in His Word.

Every Word in 90 with Jemese LaChel

Connect with Jemese:

Jemese is an Evangelist, trauma therapist & mentor for women. Her greatest joy (besides spending time with her family) is to watch souls be saved from darkness and brought into the Kingdom of God. Today she serves in the ministry of inner healing and deliverance, helping women grow in their Christian faith.

Episode Transcript

Okay? So before we get into this episode, I just want to share that I am recording this with my little girl just a few feet over, reading a book. So you’re probably going to hear some kid noise, which is such a wonderful blessing, but that’s what that noise is. And this episode is really going to be all about this great new, exciting thing that God gave to me to give to you guys. So let’s dive right in.

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Okay? So before we get into this episode, I just want to share that I am recording this with my little girl just a few feet over, reading a book. So you're probably going to hear some kid noise, which is such a wonderful blessing, but that's what that noise is. And this episode is really going to be all about this great new, exciting thing that God gave to me to give to you guys. So let's dive right in.

Hey friend, welcome to a new creation podcast where we're pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel. I'm so glad that you're here. Let's dive right in to today's episode. Hey, welcome back.

I just want to record this quick episode to share something I'm super excited about. Some of you probably already know about it if you're following me on Instagram, and if you're not, what's up with that? Go and find me at Jimmy's Lachelle on Insta. Let's pray. And then we'll dive right into today's topic.

Lord, we just come into Your presence with Thanksgiving and truly give you honor, truly give you praise, truly just saying thank You, Lord. Sometimes we don't know what to say, but we can always say thank you because there's so much to thank you for. So I Lord, even for myself, for me, I say thank you, and I join with a listener and we say thank you. We say thank you, Lord. Please guide this conversation for Your glory.

In Jesus name, amen. Well, I just want to say, first of all, merry Christmas. Happy New Year. This episode is coming out right in between two of my favorite holidays. We just celebrated Christmas and we're kind of in that gap period before the new year starts and it's not such an exciting time.

I think that as I've grown in my faith walk and really as I've gotten older, I'm a mom of two little kids now, I got my own family. And as I have gotten older than here means a little bit different things and it kind of meant maybe when I was in my twenty s. I don't so much look forward to the New Year's Eve parties because with little kids, man, we just want to get everybody to bed. But what I do look forward to is that fresh start. And I think that's one of my favorite things about the new year.

I've got something exciting that I want to share with you guys. This is actually just a bonus episode, if you will, or a short little episode, because I think that I'm sensing that God is taking me into a brief period of rest as we are in this gap period. And so I want to release this episode, share this cool thing with you guys, and meet you again in the new year. What I want to share is this opportunity to go through your Bible in 90 days, I'm going to be facilitating a Bible reading plan that you can find on the Version Bible App. Those who know me or you've been around, you know I love the Bible app for many reasons, but there's a plan on there called Every Word in 90 Days.

Readers, and I don't actually remember the subtitle thing, but Every Word in 90. We're going to be going through our Bible in 90 days, beginning in the new year. We're going to be starting on January the Seven. As I'm recording this, I'm going to take the Lord's lead. For some reason, I am almost wondering if we should push it back to January the 13th.

But as it is January the 7th, a set date to launch, the reason why we're doing that is because I think there can be this false sense of pressure when we say, oh, I'm going to do this whole great big new thing in the new year. Some of you are probably beginning other things fresh in the new year, January 1, a lot of people going to be signing up for gym memberships or deciding they're going to take care of their health, whatever. So I wanted to take this piece off of the table in terms of the added pressure that we may already be having for this great big awesome change in the new year. I don't want our Bible reading to carry any weight of that. I hesitate to call it a Bible reading challenge because like I said, I don't want this to come with that weight of that kind of negative tone, because it's really not.

The Bible is here for us to eat that mana. I have a friend who said that something she prays in the morning as she sits with her Bible. It's Holy Spirit, Father God, Lord Jesus, give me fresh manna. And the mana she's speaking about is the Word of God because we must feed on it. And there's a great danger, if I may say it like that, perhaps that sounds dramatic, but there's a great danger in being a believer who does not have, or rather who does not read their Bible.

Now, of course, we make contingencies. Like, I know there's people who like, they straight up don't have access to the Bible. They're in the persecutive church, et cetera. Right? Of course, don't hear what I'm not saying.

What I'm saying is for the believer who has the means, the access, the ability to be in the Word, they're not doing it. There's a little bit of danger around that. Because when we are not in our word, getting our minds renewed by the word of God, what ends up happening, whether you mean it or not, is your mind gets renewed by the world. And you start to think like the world over time, and it will happen so slowly, you don't even quite realize that it's happening. So I don't know, I could go on and on and on about the reasons why, namely I'm doing it because just so that I'm being led by the Spirit of God.

This is something that I like to do myself, is go through the Bible cover to COVID at least once a year. I started doing this about three years ago. I'll share that when I feel is my true born again experience. Now, I was baptized, saved when I was a little girl, but I didn't get it right. And so around three years ago, I had a full on experience encounter with the Holy Spirit, with the Lord Jesus.

And I can tell you that I've not been the same since that experience. And I want to share that. One of the first things that the Lord told me to do, his tangible presence just so with me. One of the first things he told me to do was to get in my Bible and read it, the whole thing. And so I obeyed that voice.

I obeyed and I read my Bible. And the naive tape part for me is because I'm just like man, when Jesus came upon me, like, I was all in and I believed, I thought that that's what every on fire Christian did. But every Christian read their Bible cover to COVID if they could, or maybe they didn't do it in a year, maybe it took a lifetime, whatever. I just assumed that every Christian who was on fire had read their Bible. And come to find out, that just hasn't been the case.

And if you look at statistics, it's even quite shocking to see the reality that a lot of Bible believing Christians are not actually engaging in their Bible and they don't know it. So this podcast and this Bible reading plan is not coming across as a tool of condemnation. That's really between you and the Lord. But I know that there's a group of women that the Lord wants me to lead in a small group or facilitate this small group as we go through our Bibles in 90 days. So I'm going to leave the link to how you can sign up in the show notes of this episode.

You can go and find me on Instagram at janice Lachel. I have a little highlight all about it called, I think it's 90 Days what it says or everywhere in 90, but there's a highlight and yeah, we're going to go through our Bibles in 90 days in January. It's going to be awesome. I know that for me it was extremely transformative. I went from someone who had grown up around church and tell you how to do church, but I didn't actually know Jesus.

And the reason for that is because I really didn't know what the word of God said about him. And that was the most sweetest thing. When the Lord came to me several years ago, I was really pressing in. I always believed in God. I always believed in the Father, but I also believed in Jesus.

I just for some reason had trouble connecting with him. And I know now that straight up was spiritual warfare. I had lots of reasons for that, for being bound up, and I couldn't quite access the Lord the way I needed to. But I know that, I know that. I know that if I had been in my Bible, if I had been in a Word, if I had maybe had someone disciple me, if I had someone walk through the Scriptures with me many years ago, it would have helped me to know who Jesus is and to know the power of the Gospel.

The Gospel is the most beautiful gift. Jesus Christ. He's the most beautiful savior. He's the most kind friend. He's just everything, and I just want the world to know Him.

Once you know Jesus, it's like, man, you ache, your heart aches for those who don't, because he is as good as he says he is. He really is that good. And man life is just so much better with him. Life is so much better when you know the Word of God. And I'll share this briefly and then I'll shut up.

Every one of us is engaged in a spiritual war, whether you know it or not, whether you're a Christian or not, every human being is involved in a war, and it's a war for your soul. And we use the word of God. When you know the Word of God, which contains truth knowledge, you use it for understanding it, corrects us. When you know the word, you get to stand on that. So that when the enemy comes along trying to tell you that you're too stupid or you're too this or you're too fat or when your trauma tries to rear its ugly head and tell you this is that and the other and that it's always going to be this terrible way, you get to hold up scripture.

The word of God. And I am telling you, I'm going to go ahead and go here. Some of us know what it's like too straight up be fighting demonic stuff. I'm going to tell you what. When you throw the Word of God, as in demons, come on, come on.

In the beginning was the Word. The word was with God. And the word was God. When you know the Word of God, come on, come on. Talk about your full armor.

Talk about your armor of God. It helps strengthen you for the battle and it helps you to stay grounded and rooted in Christ and really just honestly know who you are. There's just so many benefits. You don't know who you are truly, if you do not know what the Word of God says about who you are. It's beautiful.

It's just like sometimes I'm just so in awe of this incredible, awesome God that the God of the universe would give us this knowledge through the word of God, the Bible, which almost everybody has one. And if you don't guess, well, we all have a phone. I bet you're listening to this podcast on a phone right now, probably, right? You can access the Bible. We are so privileged.

There are truly those nations and countries where they don't have access that they are truly risking their life to gain this wisdom through the Word. But we are after listening to this, most of us can say like, that's not the situation we're in. And it just leaves me in awe and wonder of this incredible God who gave us His Word. It tells us so much about Him, everything we need to know about Him. It gives us rules for living.

It corrects us. And within its pages we also can see who the Lord Jesus is and who we are. We are a new creation in Christ. Do you know what that means? That means all of them, things from the past that were plaguing you, that is not your identity.

You are not the diagnoses that the doctor put on you. That's just what you're experiencing. You are not a stressed out mom. That's just what you're experiencing. You are not fill in the blank.

Fill in the blank. What you are is a child of God and he chose you. And he says that you're victorious. He says that he's rejoicing over you. He sings songs over you.

It's beautiful. But how would you know if you're not spending time in the Word of God? There's an invitation for deeper intimacy.

How precious that the Lord Himself wants to spend time with us. Man, you hear people talk about religion versus relationship and that's the whole subject matter for another day. But man, the fact that the creator of the universe, that the Lord Jesus Himself, the Holy Spirit, wants to be intimate with you. He wants relationship with you. He wants to know you and he wants you to know Him.

He wants you to walk with Him. So, yeah, I'll share. I'm already speaking more than I intended on this episode. I really just wanted to drop this link and information for you. I'm going to put it in the show notes that you can go to Instagram actually and find out how to join there.

I've got a little landing page going on. I'll put the link in the show notes below and wherever it is that you're listening, go to the show notes or the description and you'll find out information for how to sign up. It's totally free and over the course of 90 days will take about 45 minutes to an hour a day in our Word. And yeah, we're going to get through the Bible in 90 days. It's going to be awesome.

We're going to listen to it while you are commuting. You can listen to it while I say listen, because the new version at Passes feature where you can have the audiobook version of it, which is so cool. It's beneficial, especially for a person like me. I am a stay at home mother. I work out of my house, and, man, I just don't have don't have the time to be sitting down for hours.

I wish that I did, but I don't. And so this Bible reading plan has helped me realize the ways that I can utilize my time, that I can steward my time in such a way that I'm honoring the Lord. Something that he told me a while back was to consider this concept of tithing my time. We think about tithing our money, right? But that's how much she wants to spend time with you.

You know what I'm saying? You told me to consider tithing my time. Can I give God the first 10% of my day?

Can I do that? And that would be a wonderful time to spend with your headphones in and just consuming His Word. Yeah. There's a variety of ways that we can get the Bible into us in a way that is a normal part of our day, because that's the point. We don't want it to always be this great, big, huge religious ordeal where you have to have all of the things perfect, because guess what?

That ain't life. And things come up, especially I'm talking to the moms out there. I know for me, there's been a season where I had to have my Bible out. I had to have my Bible out on the kitchen island so that I could just consume a little bit of it as I passed by or I had to wake up a little bit earlier. I just have to work around my husband's schedule to fit it in.

I guess I just share that because I just want to take that idea of perfectionism off the table. I just know for myself personally, maybe for somebody listening, but God is really having me come against and stand against perfectionism. And that perfectionism monster will really keep us from engaging with the Lord the way that we ought to be. He doesn't necessarily want it to look, quote unquote, perfect. He just wants your time.

You give them your time and your attention, and he'll fill it. Fill it with Himself and lead you and show you by the power of the Holy Spirit. So anyways, I'm going to shut up because I'm already like, over talking. Go to the link. Go find me on Instagram.

Please join me. It's free, and it will truly transform your life. Whether you're someone who has read your Bible through multiple times or whether you're someone who's never done it before, maybe you're just curious. Maybe you don't even know if you can commit to 90 days. This is still for you.

And I just can't wait to see you on the inside of this Bible reading plan. As always, I'm leaving Space here to help invite the one who doesn't know Jesus to help that one come. Because guess what he says. Come. He says come.

And if you're ready for Jesus, jesus is beyond ready for you if you want to know him more. Or maybe you let your relationship grow stagnant stale. And this idea of going through the Bible is kind of exciting to you, wherever you are, that spectrum. If you want more of Jesus, you can say this prayer with me. Father, I confess my need for you.

I know that the Lord Jesus is your son. Jesus is the Son of God who came to die for my sins. I confess my sinfulness. I confess that I'm a sinner, Lord, and I need your grace. Teach me what it means to walk in Your grace and to walk in faith.

Lord, I need you now. I am ready to allow you to be the Lord of my life right now. Right now. And I just thank you, Lord. I thank you for your presence in Jesus name, amen.

And if you've just said that for the first time, welcome to the family.

That's it for this episode. Again, just reminding you to go to the show notes and find the link to this every word in 90. You can also go to Instagram. Slash Jimmy. Slashell or act Jimmy.

That's where I am on my socials and find the link there. And, yeah, I can't wait. I can't wait to see you guys. In the meantime, may the Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again.

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