You Can’t Outrun God (plus My Personal Testimony) | Ep 01

Episode summary: 

Have you ever tried to run from God? Tune in to this debut episode to learn more about the heart behind the podcast, as well as a little bit of Jemese LaChel’s personal testimony of her encounter with Holy Spirit and coming to Christ. We’re talking deliverance from demonic oppression, addiction, trauma, new age and so much more.

Content warning: This episode contains topics like addiction & sexual trauma. Please be advised if you are sensitive to such discussions.

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“The whole purpose of this project was truly God breathed. And I’m here truly being led by the Spirit, hoping and praying that on the other end of this microphone, that the Lord will do what only he can do in the heart of everyone listening.”

Jemese LaChel

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to find true identity
2. How to overcome spiritual warfare
3. How to find purpose in life

And lots more!

Connect with Jemese

Jemese is an Evangelist, trauma therapist & mentor for women. Her greatest joy (besides spending time with her family) is to watch souls be saved from darkness and brought into the Kingdom of God. Today she serves in the ministry of inner healing and deliverance, helping women grow in their Christian faith.

Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Read your bible. The whole thing. If you haven’t read your whole bible, make this the last year you can say that’s true! You cannot fully know God without knowing God’s Word.
  2. New age spirituality, Law of Attraction, “Crystal healing”, & Occultism = open doors to the demonic realm period. If you’ve engaged in tarot card readings, oracle card reading, angel worship, spirit guides or any such things even once, then you have become a magnet for demons who are likely running rampant through your home, your body, and your life. Repent (which simply means to turn away completely). And let Jesus in; He will help you, save you, rescue you. He will free you and deliver you from your afflictions. You will have so much more following Jesus than you could even dream to have without him.
  3. Jesus is alive. It’s not just “bible-ese.” Jesus is a gentle savior who is already waiting for you with open arms: just say yes.
  4. God will give you a personal testimony too. It is not God’s will that any one of us should perish. He wants to have a relationship with you.

Some Scriptures Referenced in this Episode:

  • And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28
  • For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. – John 3:16
  • And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.” – Mark 5:34
  • Psalm 23
  • And this is the will of God, that I should not lose even one of all those he has given me, but that I should raise them up at the last day. – John 6:39 NLT

Episode Transcript: 

Jemese: Hey, friend! Welcome to A New Creation Podcast where we’re pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel and I’m your host. Go ahead and get comfortable, get cozy, and let’s dive right in to today’s episode.


So I am literally so excited to be sharing with you on this very first debut episode of A New Creation Podcast. My Name’s Jemese LaChel and I want to use this time to share a little bit about the foundation for where this podcast project came from, the goal, and also spend a little bit of time telling you my personal testimony to kind of, just like I said, lay that foundation.

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Jemese: Hey, friend! Welcome to A New Creation Podcast where we're pointing women towards victory in Christ, one Jesus story at a time. My name is Jemese LaChel and I'm your host. Go ahead and get comfortable, get cozy, and let's dive right in to today's episode.


So I am literally so excited to be sharing with you on this very first debut episode of A New Creation Podcast. My name's Jemese LaChel and I want to use this time to share a little bit about the foundation for where this podcast project came from, the goal, and also spend a little bit of time telling you my personal testimony to kind of, just like I said, lay that foundation.

Foundational Scripture for the Podcast

So clearly, if you know your word, this idea of being a new creation as not something brand new. We know this from the Word of God coming out of 2 Corinthians 5:17:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, this person's a new creation. The old things passed away. Behold, the new has come.

The whole purpose of this project was truly God-breathed, and I'm here truly being led by the Spirit hoping and praying that on the other end of this microphone that the Lord will do what only he can do in the heart of every woman listening.

So I don't know what it is that you need to be made new in your life, but the Lord does.

I don't know what has hurt you or what has wounded you, or what has traumatized you, or what heavy burden that you may be carrying, but God knows. And I'm here to really expound and help you to, uh-- let me back up  and rephrase that. I'm here actually to help illustrate what God is  already doing and really to help to shine a light.

My professional background

And I want to share a little bit about my background, who I am, what qualifies me to even be in a position to speak to you like this.

So my name is Jemese LaChel, like I've said, and I am a licensed trauma therapist, but it seems like it's been about five years specifically, that I have been working and focusing in on trauma-- specifically trauma with women.

And I didn't get to that point just because I thought that it was fun, I thought that it would be nice to psychology, or I thought that it would be nice to know about trauma. I got to that point truly ushered in by God because for some reason it is really easy for me to connect with women and speak with the women about these tough issues that they wouldn't tell anybody else.

That's the anointing and the blessing that God has graced me with. We all need someone that we can talk to, that we can lay that heavy stuff on, and you know, I know today that there's no better person to lay your heavy stuff upon than the Lord Jesus. But I also know that there's many who don't know that, and my personal story is such that it took me a long time kicking and screaming and really kind of fighting against God who was pulling me towards him. I did not understand that I was his child.

I did not know what that meant and must be real. Let's be perfectly honest y'all and start this off, you know, on a good note. Y'all gonna y'all gonna learn that I don't beat around the bush or sugarcoat too much. I straight up, when I was a younger, I literally thought that Christians were just so Corny, I thought that they were just so basic, I thought that they just were oppressed, even

I mean, come on, now, I know that somebody out there understands what I'm saying. That's the background that I'm coming from.

On growing up in the Black Church in America

I grew up in the church and, let's be real-- I grew up in the black church. Okay, I grew up in the black church. I used always see grandma sitting in the front of the church and my mom would drag my tail to the church every Sunday when I was younger. So I say that to say that the things of God were not foreign to me. I grew up seeing the Family Bible in the kitchen. You know, this Bible passed down from my dad. I don't know who he got it from, but you know, a Family Bible, great big huge  Family Bible passed down the generations. I grew up witnessing that.

Yet still in my 20s I strayed to the point where here I was thinking that Christianity was corny and I wouldn't even identify myself as Christian.

So I'm sharing this with you to illustrate when God is speaking about making all things new, when he's speaking about creating you to be a new creation, not is so real.

Deep down, so many women are begging, crying out for transformation. God, Holy God, is in the business of transformation, sister, and so my hope with this podcast is to a encourage those who are on the fence or still questioning, encourage your heart towards God, towards God in Jesus, and be to help encourage that one man who may already have a relationship with the Lord, but it's still or you know, maybe we just need to build our faith up. That's my goal here, to encourage those who are on the fence, are still questioning, and encourage your heart towards God, towards God in Jesus.

I'm telling you, when the Lord came and just revolutionized my life with his presence, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus, and that changed everything. When that happened, there was complete and total transformation.

There's somebody out there listening today who is so thirsty for change. And you've tried everything else. You've tried trauma therapy, you've tried to talk therapy, you've done that for ten years and you're still depressed.

You've tried to work it out with your husband and you can't understand why you still argue about silly stuff all the time and why you can't get over things. I'm here to tell you that, whatever your thing is (and we all have one, come on now, we all have a thing that we battle with, a thing that we deal with) this podcast is an encouragement and a hope for you, to show you what happens when we step aside and just simply let the Lord have his way in our hearts, have his way in our life.

And he's not one to take advantage of you. He's not one to sell you some kind of pipe dream. Okay, we're getting right into it. He's not one. He's going to you know, he's not one too, to lie. He cannot lie.

I know for me personally, I used to think that the Christians were so weird. I'm like, why I all got to talk about Jesus all the time? You know, I like, for real, I'm like why y'alll got to be, I remember being so lost and getting so irritated because on my facebook page it'd be that one person who was always posting Bible verses and it annoyed me. So to go from that to this today where  the Lord has raised me up as an evangelist. Y'All, like what?

Let me tell you how much I pushed and screamed against that one. I'm like what, I can't evangelize. You know what my life has been like. You know how I used to treat you. But God will take the most wretched part of us, he will take the ugliest part of us, that thing that we don't want nobody to know about, and he will turn that thing around for good and he will use it and it will bless many.

So I kind of went off on a tangent there. I had this whole little outline, but I guess I needed to say what I, what I needed to say. Let me start off by saying this. I want to give you a little bit more of a background and who I am. So I've done work as a trauma therapist, but a few years ago God put the brakes on that and really stopped my private practice. I spent about two years just solid in him and allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify me, to Prune me, because, though I grew up in the church, so I was baptized by water at the age of twelve, I believe, or maybe It was eleven, eleven or twelve. Though I had that experience, I did not know him.

Depart From Me I Never Knew You

There's a scripture, and some of you know it, where at the end, at the end of our life, you know, when comes to Jesus, saying Lord, Lord, and he will say, "I never knew you. Depart from me." I was living that. I didn't I didn't realize that I was.

See, I thought because I grew up in church, because I could look the part, because I could dress up nice on Sunday, I thought that was enough and that was sufficient. But the truth in the reality is that I didn't tell any about he was deep doubt in my heart. I didn't understand and I was so hurt because of it, because it seemed like around me, the GROWNUPS, you know I'm talking about when I was twelve or so. The grownups, we talk about Jesus, but when I had a question, it was almost as though, you know what we don't don't ask questions. It's not good to ask it's not good to ask questions.

Now, that was my perception. I'm not hearing to like dishonor anybody or whatever what I don't I'm just telling you when I was little, that's what it seemed like to me. It seemed like, you know, we go to church because we go to church and Jesus is good, devil is bad, and that was the end of the story.

But here's the thing. So many of us have that similar experience and then you wonder why what they stray. Of course they stray, because you don't. It takes more than just the knowledge of him.

It takes more than just the knowledge of Jesus. You have to have it in your heart and you have to have it in your heart through relationship. See, I rever knew Jesus as more than just an idea. I never knew of him more than just an idea. I knew that God was out there, but I felt like for some reason I couldn't access him and and that way he was an idea or a notion.

Now I did not understand, until I had my encounter with the Holy Spirit, that Jesus is actually alive today. When they say that, that's not just a story or fairy tale, he's alive and he just wants to have relationship. There's scripture about him coming to live in your hearts like that is real and I'm experiencing it today and there's so many other women who are as well. That's the reason why I can say that my trauma is healed, that might depression is gone, etcetera, etcetera. You know, I've had so many miraculous healings because Jesus is here, still healing today, you know, through the power of his Holy Spirit, which is still, you know, alive and active. He is still doing the most and he's still making hearts, changing lives. He's still taking hearts from that heart of stone and turning it into a heart of flesh. He's still doing that today. He did it for me. So kind of going back to you when I was younger, because I didn't know how to have relationship. It really opened the door to a lot of things and it exposed me to some things I shouldn't have been exposed to, because it's like when we don't have that covering, that spiritual covering, from our parents, are guardians, or even our church and our church leaders, it leaves US exposed. There's a reason that the Lord refers to himself as a shepherd, and where the sheep? It's because he's the one who guides US along. Psalms twenty three. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not once or some translations, say I lack nothing without allowing Jesus to be our shepherd in life. It just opens the door to so much. I'm one who sort of grew up knowing about God, knowing about Jesus, but I never really understood my Bible because all we had was this King James Version Bible and that was the only version of the Bible that my family really had. And I think at some time I eventually got it in IV, which was a lot easier for me to understand. And you know, I'm not knocking the King James version. It's a very beautiful translation. However, for an eleven year old, for me anyways, I'm going to speak for myself. I had a hard time understanding what it was saying and so it was hard for me to pick up the Bible. Can already be intimidating just by the length of it. So when, because I did not know it was in my Bible, I did not know the word. I therefore did not know who Jesus Christ was. Only I only knew what the preacher told me on Sunday or what my family, that my parents sometimes would tell me and the house. But you know, I'm not here to dishonor anybody. I love my parents. To this day, they're active in the church, but it's like I wasn't getting that further inscrection and the things of God at home when I was a little and that left the door open. I left the door open. I did not know that my identity was already laid out before me, that Jesus, that my bather in heaven had already outline that I'm his child. We have an identity in Christ. There's a lot of women who don't understand that. We have an identity as being his chosen we have an identity as being the righteousness of God in Christ. We have an identity of being loved by our everlasting Father Right. We have we have a full, a whole lengthy identity, and I didn't know that. So, because I didn't know, I ended up, like many, trying to find identity in other places, and that was just a recipe for disaster, because what it meant was, you know, it meant for me, I started to try to find identity and relationships. Well, I could just get this guy to date me, if I could just find some guy, you know, like my peers were all dating and I felt very insecure about that. My peers have all have their first kiss. I felt very insecure about that. You know I'm saying. And here's the real tragedy, is that I did not understand that. I didn't understand the nature of spirituality. I did not understand that in Jesus there is protection and provision, but that protection is also protection from the spiritual warfare happening. And spiritual warfare is real, and a lot of churches today aren't preaching this. They're not talking about delivering, not speaking about how the enemy, the devil, can actually really put his thoughts into your mind, but not preaching about how sometimes the mental illness can be rooted in spiritual problems. I didn't know any of this, and so what happened was I started to place identity in wrong places. I thought I could find it by, you know, given over my body to these guys. Come on now, I was a plan. Don't talk about this today, but I thought that that was how the young girl that I was going to find value in the world. And of course that doesn't happen. What ended up happurning instead because of that sin, which I didn't understand, was sin. Because of that, what ended up occurring was all that depression or whatever spirits were afflicting the guy that I had no business being with. Well, now they were afflicting me. And many women are going their whole lifetimes not understanding that a lot of the confusion that they are experiencing is rooted in the spirit, as rooted in the spiritual I ended up going down this path of trying to find purpose because deep down I always had this wound like, you know, God loves me, but why does he feel so far? And I could never actually access Jesus. I could never actually access that love and that relationship that people talk about when they speak about Jesus. I had trouble making that real for me. I would it would seem like I was reaching up for Jesus, but like I wasn't able to grab a hold of Jesus. And so there's a long story short. I just spent decades, honestly, I spent a long time trying to find my identity. It resulted in a lot of weird stuff happening, you know, and I got to go to the I gotta go into all the details, but you know, I ended up losing my virginity way too young to a much older man like today, it would be considered statutory rape. You know I'm saying. I was not planning on talking about this, but come on now, it's the truth and I guess I just share this to say that I'm someone who has been through some things. I ended up going into the military because I thought, well, maybe I can find my identity there and not this time. Let me tell you. When I left for the military, yeah, I wanted to make a name for myself, but I was really just running. I was running from God, I was running from my purpose, and I will say, you know, our God is so good. He turns everything around for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. That's scripture I'm paraphrasing. Don't girl, come for me if I'm misquoted that, but you know I'm saying he use that time, where hours, in the military, to bless me down the line. You know, I have many blessings that have come from my experienced serving in the Marine Corps, but I also experienced trauma. I experience PTSD. I started drinking so much because of this military sexual trauma which occurred and I spent I spent a good fifteen years probably fighting against that working on that and, like I began to even place my identity in my trauma. So this is just a lifetime of misplacing my identity. I thought I would find my identity and guys. I thought I would find my identity and relationships. I thought that if I could just find someone to love me, I thought I would find my identity and career. And it just didn't work. It didn't work and it was a slippery, slow but let me down the pathway of just constantly seeking not realize that the one I was seeking was right there all along, but because I couldn't see him, because I couldn't access to him, or because, deep down I was still running, I was still in rebellion. I didn't want to I didn't like this idea about sinfulness. I thought that it was archaic. I didn't like that idea that I needed a stay of her. I thought somehow I could save myself. Right. I believed a lot of these false beliefs, like I didn't think how was real, I didn't think. I didn't think judgment was real, you know. But I could also say that I had never cracked open my Bible to read that whole thing. You know, I'm saying like I never allowed the Holy Spirit to do his job. The Holy Spirit has a job to work in the hearts of every person, to convict of Sin, righteousness and judgment. You know, like I didn't know any of that stuff meant. And maybe, if you're listening, it sounds like weird, crazy Christian easy you. Maybe you don't know what it means either, but I'm here to illustrate to you and to explain. Like God is pursuing you, and if you're listening to this podcast right now, there's a reason for that. You know. Yeah, you just listening because you knows, you want to hear. Maybe you are. Maybe there's a part of you that's a little bit nosy, wants to hear what your meess is doing. For those of you who know me, and that's cool, but there's some of you also listening who you're here for a purpose, because the Holy Spirit has something to say, has something to say to you, because maybe you've gone down the same slippery slope. Maybe you are waiting to become that new creation. Maybe you don't even realize that God is trying to create something so brand new and your heart. I don't know, but I know, for me, that whole time of not knowing my identity and led me to just seeking and seeking and seeking and seeking, but ever finding. And that is the work of the enemy, you know, because there is no confusion in God. He is so willing to give us wisdom and answers when you ask. But that's the thing. You have to ask him, you have to have a sincere heart and can simply ask. Don't go into it with an agenda. There's something you want to know, put your stuff aside and just ask him. If you don't know of God is Real, put your stuff aside and just simply ask. Cry Out, ask and expect an answer. So when I was seeking and not finding anything, it just let me from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next to the next. It let me just inch by inch into you. Now I know it's called new agge spirituality. I did not know that's what it was called then. I thought that it was just you know, I could make myself feel better if I had did eastern meditation or I if I just tried to write out these affirmations, I could change my the destiny of my life, you know I mean. So I was at a point in my life where I was practicing new make spirituality and I didn't even know that's what it was. I was trying to manifest my perfect life by reading all of these like books and even at some point it evolved loobed into actually like, you know, lighting candles and working with crystals, thinking that ill of somehow going to affect the universe. So scared to cry out to God, so scared to cry out to Jesus, but instead I was casting my prayers out there into the universe, which cannot answer me, you know, like I it's so it's I can laugh today because I look back and I'm like, what in the world girlfriend like? But it was just deception. I was deceived, and there's so many deceived right now, thinking that the universe is going to answer them, when there's this whole God of the universe, the God who created the universe. The scriptures even describe them as God of the universe, so beautiful. But I found myself worshiping creation rather than the Creator, thinking that somehow I just carried this pretty crystal that it would somehow affect me or you know, and it was a slippery slope. It happened. So subtly that I almost did not recognize that it was a cry. And slowly over time, instead of me seeking for God, I started to you, in my own way, think that I was God. And isn't that just the way it hasn't been from the beginning? That was the original deception, way back in the garden of Eden, the serpent convinced eve to eat that fruit. It's the same thing happening today, you know. And the blessing is that those of us who are called children of God, he will not lose a single one of us. He will not lose us, he will pursue us and we always have a choice to come back home. And that's what happened for me. So I went on this row back to Jesus without even realizing that that's what was occurring, and the Lord gave me just exactly the experiences that I needed to realize that it all of my searching, really all I need. It was him who was there all along, and I had to get all of that other demonic stuff up offer me, because that's what it was. It was demonic and I did not realize this. I did not realize working with angel cards and all this kind of weird stuff. I did not realize that that was actually open gateway to the to the demonic realm come on now, I did not realize that. I didn't know and that when I when the Holy Spirit convicted me, Oh my goodness, you hit me like a ton of bricks, because the whole time I was just like, I did not know, I did not know. Father, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, you know, and there is forgiveness there. We wouldn't even know forgiveness is apart from Jesus, apart from the father. We wouldn't even understand that. And today that's the reason why a lot of people, a lot of women, cannot forgive what happened in their past because they don't fully grasp the gift of forgiveness that Father God gave to us through Jesus Christ, and it's personal. He personally did that for you. That's another subject, for another day perhaps, but let's talk a little bit about this road back to Jesus and how he reached me, how he helped me become the new creation. So he uses medical experience to sort of Woo me, and I just continue to say that. He say he is the master of turning everything that the enemy meant for evil, turning that thing around for good. He is so skilled at it. He's the best, right. He used this medically emergency when my daughter was just one years old, my oldest daughter. She turned one. We thought that she was sick, we thought maybe it was acid reflect she was just kind of acting weird and long story store, it was actually a brain tumor so, if you can imagine if you're a mother holding your child and their head is bobbling around, we went in for what we thought was just a normal check up, only to be emergency evacuated, or I don't know what the word is, only to be sent in by ambulance about three hours away from home so she can have an emergency brain surgery. And it was the most trying time of my life. It was, in a sense, traumatizing because my daughter didn't know what was going on. There was days that I could not hold her. She was in this crib that looked like a cage. We just lived in the hospital, three hours away from home, for like ten days or something like that, and it was so hard. But in that experience, let me tell you what God did. He started to speak to my heart because I knew, as I was holding my child, mind you, pregnant with my second. Not many people knew that I was pregnant with with this little one. She wasn't even eight weeks in my will, I don't think, pregnant with my second. My firstborn is in this cage, Grib thing and the hospital and the I see you and I suddenly realized that all that stuff, that that house of cards that I had built up around me, thinking that I was going to pray to the universe, singing that on some crystal was going to help me, all of that stuff began to fade away and I knew I'm looking at the life of my child here, I'm looking at my baby. This is cruely life or death. I know nobody but God can help me now, and if I ever needed Jesus, it was right then. And that's what I believe. I think deep down on our heights, even when we're running from God, there's something in us that knows. There's a reason why, at the end of life, when someone's on their deathbed, many atheists. So you go look up these stories. There's many who have denied in Christ who, at the end of her life, for questioning or wishing that they could return to him, or wishing whatever, whatever our hearts know, because we cannot survive apart from God. You can call yourself an atheist all you want, but you fill that gap, that need to know where you come from. Many atheists may fill that with science or human intellectualism and that becomes your idol. God wants to have our whole height. He wants us to understand that he created us for his purpose. He created us, he wants to fellowship with us, he wants right relationship with us and he will go to any lengths to find his children. He will go so far as to give his only begotten Son. We all know that verse John Sixteen. So in those days in the hospital, I knew that I needed a miracle and I knew that it was Jesus. And you know what he did and nobody like you know. My mother was in the hospital with me the whole time, bless her. My husband was with me, my motherin law become visit and that was so beautiful. I had uncle, I mean I had so many people and my life at that time, but it was like as many people as we're around me, as full as the hospital room was of doctors and residents. It was also very silent and it was also very still, because the Lord began to work in my heart. When I realized that I needed God, that he was truly the only one what I realized that I needed to reach out to Jesus. He truly was the only one who could help us. He began to give me scripture. Now, mind you, at this point I had not ever read my whole Bible, but he led me to the scripture. The Holy Spirit led me to the scripture that has become one of my favorite versus today. And he said to her daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace and be healed of your affliction. Mark five hundred and thirty four. Oh, let me tell you the piece that was upon me and those days I could not explain it then because I didn't have the language to do that. Now I know that was the piece that surpasses understanding. If there's a piece that Jesus offers like it's amazing to me, because I had never read my Bible before from cover to cover. I only ever cherry picked versus. I knew things like Psalm twenty three. I knew Romans eight hundred and twenty eight. That was one that I really hooked onto a boot camp when I was in the Marines. I knew these certain verses, but I never knew the whole thing and how miraculous that this Bible verse. He would give that to me, what I gift. That's what the Lord used to really give me peace in my heart that my daughter went me. Well, that was almost three years ago and she is doing phenomenal today. The Lord to use that experience to draw me home. So I'm here to encourage you that if you're going through something that feels impossible, that feels like the worst thing that's ever happened to you, understand that God can even use that for his glory. He can eat and use that to give you the miracle of a lifetime. He can use that experience and it will not hurt you anymore. Put Your trust in him. Just try him and see what happens. Took a little bit of time for me to take offs a lot of these false beliefs. I spent a lot of time thereafter just taking off these beliefs in my mindset and I want to explain to you that you know a lot of people don't come to the Lord because they find it confusing, they don't understand. But the but God wants you to know, he wants you to understand and he is willing to give you wisdom. And one of the first things that he'd told me was very clear. He gave me specific directions and I'm going to share what he told me. This is the first time I'm actually saying this publicly, but maybe somebody else could be blessed by the direct that he gave me. He told me. First of all, he said, if you want to know me, you need to read my book. You know I come on now, you go and you go on a date with so VI and you at least take the time to go and Google their name. I know that you've done it. Come on now, even employers, when you go for a job, or are you? They expect you to do some research about them, about the company, but we won't give Jesus the same courtesy to know what's in his book. So one of the first things that he told me he said, you know, there was no condemnation, he did not judge me for not understanding the Bible. What the Holy Spirit instructed me to deal was to pick up my Bible and read that whole thing cover to cover. If you have not read your whole Bible, let this year be the last year that you can say that. And it does not take a whole year to read your Bible. I'm telling you, if you never read that thing before, I know that there's these bibles or you can spend a whole year like reading your Bible, but come on now, I'm here to say you don't have that kind of time. If you don't know what the Bible says, you need to read that thing as fast as possible, but read it for read it with the intention of understanding, and that was the second thing. So he told me to read my bio, but he told me to make sure that I'm reading it for comprehension and I would pray that thing help me to understand what I'm reading. And for the most part he did. I did understand it. I read that Bible from cover to cover. I use the you version Bible APP so when I wasn't reading it out of like a heart copy of the Bible, I was listening to it the audio version. I was listening to it while I was driving in the car. I was listening to it while I was doing my dishes. I would read it at night before I went to sleep, and I want to say it took me maybe three or four months to get through the whole Bible. That was one of the first and silence that he gave me. And do you not understand that, as I read the Bible, it began to change me? And that's what happened. The word a sharper than any two edges sword it. It began to change me and I began to take off some of these false beliefs. So we're not steph the enemy, how you used to keep me trapped. It was those chains began to fall. He led me to a wonderful minister who actually facilitated deliverance, because I did not realize it until the Holy Spirit told me, but I had become demonically oppressed from engaging in these false practices, from engaging in which I didn't know it was a witchcraft.

You couldn't told you could not  have told me that I was engaging in witchcraft. Back then, I thought that I was just honoring my ancestors. You know this. This may relate to a lot of people of Color, a lot of women of color listening to this. I because I did not know where I came from.

This is what this is how the devil lied to me, because I did not know my identity as a black woman in America. I believed that, okay, well, I believe these stories that. Well, my ancestors, they didn't practice Christianity anyways. That's the quote unquote, White Man's religion. Didn't I tell you I'm not going to sugarcoat? I believed this stuff and a lot of people, a lot of women of color, people of Color, still believe that today. I had to untangle some of this stuff. I had to entangle a lot of these false beliefs, and it was the word of God that allowed me to do that. I could not do that on my own, but the Holy Spirit knew exactly what I needed and I began to lean on him and rely on him and treat him as a person. You know, he's like the for lack of better words, Holy Spirit can be like the red headed step child and a lot of these cherks circles who talk about God, the father. We talked about Jesus, but Holy Spirit doesn't get enough credit. His power came upon me more than once and most early, early days and just encapsulated me. And people don't like to talk about the experiential part because we are to walk by faith at not by sight, and that's a hundred percent true. Do not go out seeking, quote unquote, spiritual experience. You know, don't go. I don't encourage you to do that if I rather encourage you to allow the Lord to give that to you organically as he chooses, so that you don't fall into you like a deception. But I want you to hear like the Holy Spirit is real and he cares. And so he led me to this deliverance minister Evangelist Terry King. She passed away back in June of two thousand and twenty one. It was two thousand and twenty one.

Yeah, so she's got lots of material on Youtube if you want to go check her out. He led me to this powerful minister of deliverance and changed my life forever, you know, freed me and the name of Jesus.

AI had another encounter of the Jesus even there, because it was Jesus. It was at the name of Jesus that those demons were cast out. It was at the name of Jesus that my body was healed. It was at the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus that I was able to stand up and say I am saved, I believed and it's by his blood, by the faith that he gave me. You know, he gives us all the measure of faith.

But I'm able to stand here today now ministering to other women and teaching how it is that, if you know, Jesus permanently healed me of PTSD. Now, this is something that the psychology feel that don't talk a lot about the secular world, but my belief is that Jesus Christ has the power to permanently help you overcome your trauma, your depression, your anxiety, your bipolar yes, in the body, and this is another subject for another day, but the body, yes, you know,

I've heard people say, you know what, I've got a chemical reaction. It's just in the way my body is. But do you not know that Jesus can change the chemistry in your body? Come on now, and yes, it should go without saying, but I want to be crystal clear that there are times when, of course, mental illness is just that, it's an illness should be treated as such and we need to respond with great compassion. But what I'm saying here is that we cannot put limits on the Lord. You cannot limit the power of Jesus Christ, because when he comes in to Transform, when he steps into make all things new, I promise you there are no limits, there are zero limits to what he can do in your life. I Walk to be heal my daughter. I've had so many healings in my own body and I've seen it. I've seen it. I read the whole Bible and when you read the whole Bible, you read the Full Gospel, you hear that he had his disciples castout demon slay their hands. Some people heal the sick, raised people at from the dead. I'm blessed to the other that's all true. God planted me in this local Chrichs, where there's some one, there's the man who has a personal testimony of being dead and brought back to life with the name of Jesus. You know, like people don't want to talk about this stuff. The spirit of religion moving through the Church today, moving through the world today, what rather tamp down the power of God. But God is moving and he's moving in the lives of regular women just like me and just like you. And he's doing it. And guess what, he's doing it despite despite the world's unbelief. He's doing it despite your trauma. He's doing it despite what the enemy has told you. He's doing it despite the lies that you have believed. But how much more will he be able to bless you and crack your heart wide open for his purpose? You know how much and more will he be able to do that when you, of your own volition, say yes, Jesus, I believe. I believe, I choose you, I want your salvation. Something that the Holy Spirit told me when he was turning me around was I so I had a lot of quote unquote, religious Trama, that's what I termed it, and a lot that's the reason why a lot of people today aren't in the church, because somebody did something to them. Come on now, somebody did something to them, whether it was whether it was through just verbally saying something or, Heaven Forbid, of hurt their body in some way, hurt their spirit, and suddenly a lot of people have locked away from the trach and that was my experience. I did not think that I had a place there. I termed it religious trauma, and I know that if you're listening and if you're going through that, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The Lord knew this about me. There's nothing, there's nothing that going on with you that he doesn't already know. And because of that, what he allowed me to do was he told me personally, the Holy Spirit said reach, reach towards him, cry out towards him using his Hebrew name, Yeshua, and so there was a great period of time when the beginning, where I could not, you should, by the name of Jesus because I had so much negative connotation with that name. I had so much built up on me, like so much, I don't know, just Yucky stuff on me around the name of Jesus. That's how much that's how dark my world was that I couldn't even really say the name of Jesus without cringing a little bit. He knew that, and so when he was turning me around, he had me to reach out towards him by his Hebrew name, Yeshia, and I did that for quite a while, you know, and that's what the Holy Spirit, that's what the Holy Spirit guided me to do. You know, that's been quite some time, and the blessing is that today I am completely unrecognizable to many, you know, people who know me, people who knew me before. They don't understand what happened to me. And I get to say, you know what, it's Jesus. Because of Jesus and how I have simply yielded and rested in him and allowed him to change me. I don't have PTSD anymore. I don't have that trauma come up in my life. I don't have issues of a depression. I used to think that stuff is my identity. He gave me back my real identity, y'all, and you have a real identity in him too. I was such a angry mother. So I'm a mother of, to you, two children under two years apart. So I got us through. She's three years old and my youngest is about to turn to and that's a lot, you know, like if you know, you're know that's a lot. And I had terrible, terrible, terrible post part of the depression, so bad I didn't experience it, where I didn't want anything to do with my baby, but rather I didn't want anything to do with anybody else, and I also some anxiety on top of that, I want you to understand that the Lord touched my heart and healed me. I am such a better mother today because of him. In motherhood, and if you know, you know we have those moments where, like, it's just so hard. It is hard and you don't you want to throw your hands up because the baby's crying, you don't know why they're crying. The word talks about the fruit of the spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control, this fruit that the Holy Spirit will produce in us. I didn't have any of that stuff, but because I allow the Lord to change me, I became a patient mother, I became so much different that when my husband returned home from work, he was really shocked that I was just killing like I'm cool, because the peace of God would give me the grace that I needed and whatever moment. And I know that it's true that he does not ever leave us everything that we need. He supplies to us. I know that I have been given every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places as his daughter, as a daughter of Abba. You two have every spiritual blessing in the heavenly place. It. That is truth, that's your truth, and it is my prayer that through this podcast, that the light of Christ can be made known and that for anyone who needs a little glimmer of hope, for anyone who needs to get their faith built up, for anyone who's feeling straight up even demonized and you don't know who to talk to about it, I'm here to offer this platform peace, hope and love and Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to move through me and through whatever comes of this podcast. Like I shared, this is a labor of love, this is an act of obedience to God, who gave me this assignments, and I'm so blessed. I'm so excited to see what comes. You're going to hear this podcast solo episodes where I'm just telling you what the holy spirits asking me to share, but also lots of interviews from other women sharing their new creation story of how God turned them around, how God pulled them out of darkness and how God has blessed them with hope, with healing, with miracles. This is available today and it's available for you. This is the message of salvation in Christ, Jesus, the I want everybody to hear because in him, we have peace in him and we have hope, and in Him we are reconciled to our father in heaven.


If you have never known Jesus in a personal way, if you have never accepted him as your Lord and your savior, not just the perfect opportunity to do that. Wherever you're at right now, if you're ready to accept him, pray this along with me. Father, right now, I just want to thank you for Jesus. I may not even understand fully what you have for me, Lord, or what it means completely to follow Jesus, what it means completely to go after everything that he has to me, but I know that I can't live the way that I was. I know, Jesus, that you are the answer, you are the solution and you are my savior. Lord, I confess my sin and I lay it all down at the feet of Jesus right now and I ask for help. I ask you, Lord Jesus, please help me, please lead me and guide me and please come into my heart, please help make those changes that I don't know how to make myself. Please humble me where I need to be humbled, and please teach me. Please give me wisdom and more than that, give me the ability to follow through with the wisdom and the things that you tell me. If you just said that prayer, welcome to the family.

* * *

The things of God can be so simple. He makes it so simple to come to him. It is the spirit of religion that makes it very complicated and very complex and very hard, whereas Jesus, he wants to help you take off some of that baggage, some of that stuff that is getting in the way of you loving him, that's getting in the way of you pursuing the things that God has called you to those areas or you have felt blocked and stuck, watch and see what happens. Blessings to you on your journey sister.


All right, that's a wrap for this episode. I'll tell you what, that was a lot longer than I expected it was going to be for our debut episode. But you know what, when the Holy Spirit leads, we follow. Would you do me a favor and share this podcast out to you at least one other person. Maybe there's someone that you know who might be encouraged. You would share this on your social media or even just text it to somebody that you know. I am praying for you, beloved until next time, peace.


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