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  • Saying Yes to God: Why Yielding to Jesus is the Key to Victory | Ep 12

    We so often often try to produce change on our own. But what if that approach is actually what's keeping you stuck? What if all it took was one little "yes", directed to Holy God, for everything in your life to shift? When God calls you to yield to Him, it's not always comfortable, but it's always worth it. Listen in to find out why.

  • Season 2: When God Puts You on Pause | Ep 10

    Welcome back for Season 2! Jemese LaChel, host of A New Creation Podcast, brings a short update after being on hiatus for about two months. Hear what happens when God puts you on PAUSE (which will inevitably happen as we follow Him). How do you navigate that? Plus a word of encouragement for those struggling to find their purpose or calling in life.