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  • Perseverance Ep 27

    Feeling adrift in life's turbulent seas? 🌊 Join Jemese in a voyage of faith and resilience, finding hope in the midst of the stormy seasons.

  • Living Loved with Jamie Martinez | Ep 27

    Have you ever felt trapped, like your mind was spinning out of control? Do you wonder if God really heals mental health, or what that looks like? In this heartfelt conversation, Jamie Martinez, biblical counselor and host of the Living Loved podcast, shares her personal story of finding peace and freedom through faith in Jesus Christ. She speaks openly about overcoming doubt, healing from past traumas, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Listen as she inspires others to discover purpose and hope  through a love relationship with Jesus.

  • Grief and Loss | Ep 26

    Are you navigating the complexities of mourning? Our newest podcast episode offers a blend of Christian empathy and psychological insight to aid your path to recovery.

  • Friendship with God | Ep 25

    Discover the power of seeing Jesus as not just our Savior but our dear friend. Tune into this podcast episode to deepen your understanding of God's presence and the intimacy of divine friendship.

  • How to Overcome Addiction: From Bondage to Blessing with guest Dani | Ep 24

    In our latest podcast, Dani joins us to explore sanctification, deliverance, and escaping sin's chains through repentance. We discuss her addiction to marijuana and vaping, and how Jesus Christ set her free.